My dealer just got jacked

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  1. Ya see, what had happen was that my dealer, who is also a good friend of mine, went out of town. His roommate was selling weed for him and me and a friend went over to snag a gram. We get there and shortly afterwards this big black dude comes in and buys the rest of the weed which was a half ounce. He chatted for a moment then threw the money down folded and made a quick getaway ( he didn't run out he just put the money on the table and walked out to his car and drove off in about 15 seconds).

    The roommate starts counting it and then looks at them strangely. He then looks to me and holds up our 20 to one of the one of the other dudes 20s and asks me if they look the same. The 2 20s were completely different, it didn't feel like money, it felt like it came straight off someone's printer. It didn't have the watermark or any of the little yellow 20s on it. I looked at the wad of "money" on the table and they were all fake. 200 dollars in fake ass 20s, some were varying in sizes and even color.

    I was just stunned, not like in shock or anything it's just that I had never seen that before personally. I don't know what he plans on doing about it, he does screen shirts as well and I think he might say he got the money as a payment for some shirts he did for him a little while back.

    Just thought I'd share.
  2. Why didn't you guys walk after this guy who's obviously making a quick getaway? You don't have any guns in the house when you're dealing with hundreds of dollars?

    This will continue to happen to small timers like this, get a gun, and don't deal with people you don't know.
  3. Yeah because $200 is totally worth shooting someone over. :rolleyes:

    Get real.
  4. I got handed a fake 20 once, by a chick.
    She had a 5 folded over it, thinking I wasn't going to look.

    They were about to drive away, when I put my hand in the window and said, Hey now, i don't accept monopoly money.
    She argued with me for 10 minutes, saying it was real. I kept telling her that I wasn't going to take that bill, and to drive down to the gas station to go get it exchanged, which was literally 2 miles down the road.
    She finally agreed, and I took the buds back, and off she went.

    Smoked a full cig, and she still hadn't came back.
    Never showed back up, and they drove a good half hour to meet up with me. I guess she saved herself the embarassment.
  5. this sadly is the risk u have to take when dealing in anything illegal! and im afraid if your dealer dont take any measures to show that ppl cant get away with ripping him off then this is going to happen! sadly you have to be a badarse when dealing and when sum one jacks u then u have to do somthing about it or other wise all the dickheads will come out and try and have a go!!!:mad:
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    People who know you have guns are less inclined to rob you. I've been jacked and held at gunpoint for a quarter pound, say what you think but for people playing with several hundred dollar deals a gun is a necessity. I didn't say shoot him anyway, a little intimidation would have gotten their money back and decreased the likely hood of dumbass trying to jack them again.

    Also, with an avatar of a reaper pointing a gun, and calling yourself a "mass murdara", you would think you would know this. Just another dumbass trying to look the part. Get outta here.
  7. If the dude had dealt with my dealer himself then it probably wouldn't of happened. But it wasn't him, it was his roommate who is also his good friend selling it and he didn't think about it at first because he doesn't usually sell weed. And the dude didn't straight up haul ass out the door, right after he bought it he immediately said bye to us, shook our hands, then walked out to his car which was a very short walk. It took the roommate about 30 seconds to notice and he ran outside but to no avail, he was gone. That's how it happened.
  8. thats shitty.
  9. Whenever prohibition limits where you can buy and who from, you have elevated crime rates. Look at Capone and others during alcohol prohibition. Now if it was legal, your buddy could have had a regular shop and you wouldn't see as much of that.
  10. has the roommate tried contacting the dude that ripped him off?
  11. ^ i 2nd this! look at holland! they have just closed 8 prisons,not enough criminals!says it all really:smoke:
  12. This is why you look at both ends of the deal before anyone goes anywhere.

    I don't just grab the bag of probably parsley and stuff into my pocket without inspecting it, so why would I do that with money? Count it, look at the bills, then stuff it. Seriously, it takes like 10 seconds to shuffle a couple hundred dollars in your hands and put eyes on the majority of the bills.
  13. I've seen this done w/ a bank envelope and with 75 fake $20's so $1500.

  14. Shit like this sucks, sad to hear it, and see if your boy can have it worked out with whoever came over and jacked you. I'm sure your boys are gonna be a bit more careful after this and hopefully nothing shady like this happens again. Also, if you or your boys are of age, and don't have felonies, look into a gun. Not even just for dealing, every household is safer when the owner has a firearm to protect him/herself and the family,.

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