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My dealer is so sketchy!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by BlazeHighKid, Aug 17, 2011.

  1. So, where I live right now is so hot with the feds. Their EVERYWHERE. It's so crazy. Montgomery county, Maryland by the way. Anyways, I hooked up a friend tonight that took like a hour because my dealer at the moment was on the unmentionables, and kept telling me that he was some where when he wasnt. He has been reliable for acouple months now, every time I cop bud from him, he always makes it at a sketch place and this guys a ghetto thug remember this, so he looks so sketchy. Tonight, he told me to meet me at a intersection and looked completely out of it, he gave me a siced bag because he was that fucked up. Anyways, come to conclusion. I am so SUPRISED he hasn't got arrested yet. He has straight dank bud, but he is so sketchy. Sorry for the ranting, sometimes when I am baked I got to get my shit out.
    Good toking. :smoking:
  2. haha... unmentionables :laughing:
  3. Yes, haha. He was on the E pill. Gosh, sketchy ghetto dealer at 12 at night. Not the best idea with all the cops around the city. :eek:
  4. Love the pic. :p

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