My dealer is so funny..

Discussion in 'General' started by Cooraw, Dec 23, 2011.

  1. He hands me my sack and say's "I gave you 4.2.0gs... hehehe, do you get it? 420!!"
    This made me laugh so hard. He was pretty stoned, he tore his truck apart looking for his scale.

    Who's down to smoke a bowl?!?!?
    I am!
  2. Launching.. now.
  3. i can haz moar weed nao plis? :O thats amazin'
    and funny -blazed-
  4. Come over and I'll smoke you guys out. ;D
  5. Oh trust me, if you weren't all the way on the other side of the country.. although I will say I've had many urges to up and move away.. maybe I'm just looking for the right trigger ;)

  6. Lets do this. lol :wave: its pretty late up in our region though. 3:00 am fools. fml
  7. Damn I wish I had a dealer like that. My own brother doesn't treat me like that when I buy weed from him haha.
  8. Waait, who buys that amount like that?
  9. I don't think she asked for 4.2g, she probably asked for an 8th or 4g, and his high ass thought giving her a little extra while making a joke about it might get him laid. Or he was just feeling the Christmas Spirit!!

    But he was probably trying to get laid. It's what I'd do :p :laughing:

  10. What he said.
  11. So being of someone in the same situation as him, does the dealer get any brownie points for hooking up a desirable customer like yourself?

  12. I hook him up with a lot of costumers, I think I give him atleast half of his business..

    Honestly, if you're a dealer, don't hook it up to try to get a girl to sleep with you, because it doesn't work.. Or atleast for me.. You're just going to waste a lot of weed.
  13. I worded that weird.. it doesn't work on me I mean, not for me. haha.
  14. wowwa girl your smile makes my heart skip
  15. [quote name='"Cooraw"']Come over and I'll smoke you guys out. ;D[/quote]

    Legit! And dunno maybe your dealer homie is just hooking it up just cause.....our not. Anyway I'm down to medicate, let the session begin. Lol what kind of nug is that

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