My dealer is so Amazing

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Jabbajaws XD, Nov 6, 2008.

  1. alright. plain and simple

    (This took place about an hour ago)

    i go to buy an ounce from my dealer. It was 200 and i game up with the brilliant idea to stop by the bank on the way over to his house. I ask for 200 dollars in quarters.

    I give him 20 rolls of quarters and he busted out laughing. I thought he would be pissed off but he took it really well. Plus the weed was really good

    Everyone should try this on their dealers and see if it makes them laugh or if they get pissed the fuck off
  2. I once bought a quarter in all 2 dollar bills. Did the same thing as you just went to the bank and my dealer cracked up when he saw the fat wad of 2 dollar bills
  3. lol. you did it just for a laugh out of him?
  4. Sounds funny, but if could of pissed him off...

    I don't wanna try it personally...Rather just give the money and go.
  5. in my opinion that's kinda pointless, and requires an extra trip to the bank for him which wasn't necessary. But a little funny nonetheless.
  6. lol dude my dealer and i are hella tight we cry on each others shoulders if needed... but when it comes to cash he likes his bills all the same way... :) if i brought a g in quarters he'd front me and tell me to come back w/ cash :D
  7. funny but a waste of time.

    someone brout a pool off me back in college with nickels and quater's that was funny.
  8. Hahaha awesome
  9. mmmm funny story but i think my dealer, (whos cumin by in a lil while actually) would probably give me a weird look, chuckle, and ask if i had bills instead cuz hes too lazy to go to the bank n change it. :eek:
  10. my dealer just got put in prison:(
  11. Long time dealer it sounds..fucking sucks. I would be sad too, TBH. :(
  12. This would be the perfect April Fool's joke for your dealer. Lol
  13. My dealer would have beaten you to death with your quarters. And then make you pick them up.
  14. cannabis clubs in cali dont care what kind of money you have. they'll take it all
  15. back in the day before work i remember it was like 15 a g for some not worth it stuff and we used to like scrounge change, make hm deliver to us, then give him like 13.63 and be like sorry that's all we have
    its aiight he ripped us off so its cool
    selling .5's as g's

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