my dealer is hillarious

Discussion in 'General' started by Androgenicx, Feb 19, 2014.

  1. guy said he rarely smokes
    there was a guy before this that claimed he never smoked at all
    made this guy smoke some nice nepalese hash he brought me
    guy was sitting stoned on his ass and ran away before i could offer him more

  2. Does he tell any good knock knock jokes?
  4. Ahme

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  5. yo...

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    Here's your damned candy!!
  7. Well Blades....I think it's time....
  8. <sup>Fucking meme's lmao.</sup>
    <sup>OP, One of biggies smalls 10 crack commandments are </sup>
    <sup>"Don't get high off your own supply"</sup>
    <sup>I'm guessing your dealer applies them to life. +1 dealer, +1. </sup>
    HAHAHA perfection!
    And fuck with them!! LOL
  12. @[member="WizardInBlack"]
    had me dying lol. Makes me feel good all over.

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