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My dealer got Busted!!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Relax2181, May 15, 2010.

  1. With my money! i Fronted him with money. i trusted him to do this. i gave him 20 bucks. he went to the bathroom to pick up my weed. he walked my the principal. he smelt it. the police searched him and he got expelled. he was my best dealer. Will he snitch on me?
  2. Thats why you NEVER front your money. OR deal at school.
  3. haha yeah he'll snitch on you but if he already got expelled I guess they didn't care to do much investigating and busts they just wanted to get rid of um

    these things happen thats why you always gotta be prepared

    and if you're fronting kids money to get you weed in the bathroom and the kid is getting caught by your principal you gotta realize you're on some little kid shit and get a little more legit than that

    not many worse ways to go through a dealer than at school

    look for some kids you can get to know and smoke with outside of school
  4. ^^^^Exactly
  5. He obviously wont, and he might return the cash if you ask him. Sorry about the dealer though, I love my dealer because he has a cool spot to smoke and "test the product" as i always say.
  6. you clearly need to find some better dealers if your "best" got busted so damn easily, as to whether hes going to snitch on you surely your better qualified to answer that question anyone on this forum? my advice to you would be keep work and pleasure separate. it makes sense man, dont shit where you eat...... and if you do dont get caught ;)
  7. it was 20 bucks. be glad he didnt give you the weed and then YOU get caught. He might even give you your money bak if you ask him.
  8. not going to lie i love smoking in school but dont' buy it at school, you have to have some plans if you're going to smoke it at school have your bowl and stuff in a plastic bag surrounded by some dryer sheets to mask the smell with gum, lotion( for your hands) and some cologne/body spray for you and your bag
  9. just smoke before school and anytime you can leave school if you want. smoking at school is stupid. You'll prob. get caught one day.
  10. let me're an 18 year old in high school, like every other kid on here that does dumb shit at school.

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