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my dbv came!

Discussion in 'Toking Tools Q&A' started by PassTheGrass, Dec 8, 2009.

  1. sooooooooo sick!:hello: setting it up about the 11-12 position, its the shit, bake off my ass on like a .2 bowl, hell yea! pics later too high right now, came with a nifty grinder and a bag of some leaf that looks like weed but isnt, think i might sell it to someone and make bank, just kidding, ok must sleep pics later.
  2. oh, any advice on settings/pull rate/cleaning times? thanks
  3. I also picked up mine today, twas a great sesh.
  4. Re: my dbv came!
    \t\toh, any advice on settings/pull rate/cleaning times? thanks


    Yeah, I have some advice.

    You'll get the thickest hits if you pull slow. Even more if you pack the weed down a little bit, but that makes it easier to accidentally char the weed.

    I like to set it at a place where I can't possibly burn it unless I pull ultra-slow. Takes a little while to figure out, but that's the sweet spot.

    If you're in the mood for a longer session, you can also start low and work your way up until you're wherever you want to be.

    In terms of cleaning, you can definitely reuse the condensed vapor that builds up inside the tube. I've had mine a few months now and I haven't felt the need to clean it yet.

    You can also save and reuse your vaped weed.
  5. so it smells like popcorn kinda after im done using it, this is good? weed is browned lightly, supposed to look like that? and im just sucking like a straw, any other pointers?
  6. Yeah the popcorn smell is normal, but I usually set mine to 2 or 3 o'clock position on the dial, so my ABV is usually dark brown. Just depends on how hot you vape.

    Remember the slower you pull, the hotter the air is that comes in contact with the herb so if you're not getting any visible vapor, you're probably pulling too hard.

    Oh, and don't forget to stir the bowl every 2 or 3 hits. This is necessary to get all the goods out.

    Other than that, I would never go past the 4 o'clock position on the dial. I did this and combustion occured and it left an awful taste in the whip that still hasn't subsided, even after cleaning.

    Happy vaping!
  7. I own da buddha and its a great vape you just have to be really careful with the wand i pulled mine out when i was going to take a hit and it broke against my chair :mad:
  8. Nice dude. Mine just came a couple days ago as well. I've had a ton of work to do so no big sesh yet, but I'm definitly enjoying my small nightly rips with like 1/10 of a bowls worth lol. I can't wait until tomorrow night when I can let loose on this thing.
  9. mine just showed up 2 days ago:hello: congrats to you and yours! I'm in the same situation I have tons o' school work to do this week though, end of the semester but once I'm done with my last paper I'm getting crazy vaked!
  10. With vaporizers, less is more. Most of that exhaled vapor you see is wasted (unabsorbed) vapor. Put less, like .01 grams in the bowl (or less, I went for .005 gram increments when I had it).

    You will have way more herb available then! Enjoy your DBV man.
  11. Picked mine up yesterday for my 18th bday =D
    This thing is fantastic, i can vape in my room, and the spell dissipates within about an hour, but i used a sploof too =P
    The DBV is an amazing product, and it put me on my ass for hours.
    Also, i picked up a space case, i was BLOWN away by the craftsmanship.

  12. My space case came in the mail today! It is a fucking awesome grinder! :hello:
  13. I just got my Da Budda Vaporizer this week as well. I'm very pleased with it. It gets me just as high as a bong but with way less weed. All the good reviews are true. It rocks.

    I got the black one, 'cause I thought it looked cooler.
  14. Yo aero...do you frequent Fuck Combustion? For some reason your name/avatar looks familiar...
  15. Lucky! I'm waiting on mine to come in the mail. Fedex says estimated delivery is on the 15th, time is going soooo slow.

    Can't wait,


  16. Yes. The name is the same as well, haha.
  17. My SSV came last week =] <3 7th Floor
  18. Mine will be here Friday. A few questions. Where did you order it? Did it come with a grinder? I got mine from Vapeworld and am wondering how good the grinder is that comes with it. Mine comes with :

    2.0” Premium Aerospace Aluminum Grinder
  19. i have a 2.0” Premium Aerospace Aluminum Grinder it came with my da buddha the grinder works ok they are not the best but they get the job done
  20. I just got the ssv the other day

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