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Discussion in 'General' started by litta_j, Jun 3, 2006.

  1. Well today was a good friday :smoking: i start my day out at home when i wake up , take a shower get in my car drive to pick my buddy up and go to school. well i pick by buddy up and he pulls this fat j and im like FUCK YES . so we smoke that shit down and skip first hour and go to second hour. so i go to second hour feelin pretty good. so after second hour my high is started to burn out so i talk to some of my buddys and there like you wanna skip 3rd hour?? and go to 4th after lunch? and im like are "does anybody have any money to buy some bud ?" and there all like no and i was like fuck, but then i remembered i had by bank account:hello: . so i skip 3rd and i go to the bank and get out 10 dollars and i go to hookup of mine and i buy fat ten sack of decent mids, go to the gas station and buy a bahamian rum flavored blunt wrap and head to the park. so we through the whole dime in and the roach from earlier in there. and we got fucken baked :) twas a great blunt for 11 dollars for 4 people:smoking: . so then i go back to school for 4th and 5th hour. then head back home and go to work from 4-9 and when i get out of my co worker was all like dude you need some weed? (cause i was all bitchen and shit cause i was all out tell sunday) and he offered to hook me up fo free so that was tight. so then i go to hish house pick my bag up and toke a bowl with him then i go home and here i sit smokin a fat jay by my self that i rolled with my free weed and studying for sat. school tommarow

  2. quite the eventful day man, sounds like fun :smoke:

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