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my day was ausome how bout urs tell me your story

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by smoketilldeath-, Aug 21, 2008.

  1. i know its pretty late for a thread/post/forum thingy
    but i had to tell the many NAH's (new age hippies) of GC bout my day

    i kept my pieces at my freinds house for like 2 days my wooden pipe about 3.5 inches mabey 4 long my metal pipe and my glass pipe that is broken kindai gave both my metal and glass pipe away today as gifts to my freinds for smoking me out so much in my dry time

    i thought it was a generous offer

    next morning i go to pick my wooden pipe and run over real quick to go blaze up with about 4 people all crammed into his attic but because its a half dooor attic the space we had to actually move around was zip there was like mabey 6 inches bettween each of us just because there was no room

    it was indica i could easily tell by the bodylock high it gave me

    got blazed off our asses listened to some tracks tried to roll a j but messed it up and put it a bowl to smoke

    came home completly high made some badly prepared french toast
    my rent walked in and i swear shit was about to hit the fan cause i think he knew that i knew that he knew that i was high

    and that was my day:)

    and now im going to go see if anythings on


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