my day thus far...

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  1. i wake up. i sit around all day. BUT THEN...i get a sack! and i come home bust out my newest addition to my homemade collection. its my [​IMG]best so far.

    got some low grade weed. but who fuckin cares? he hooks it up FAT for $20 and weed is weed...

    and blazed..
    [ame=""]nsfw :: 2009-02-2213-16-50860.flv video by dangerdog244 - Photobucket[/ame]

    p.s. can someone tell me how the fuck to post pictres and shit..?
    i post url's and it doesnt work.

    maybe im just faded?

    im probably just faded..

    i am faded

  2. nice home made bro, looks really good. and man... who cares abut strains I get the smae deal you do and it gets me high, that's all that matters
  3. Get some glass man!!! These homemade pieces make me cringe.. my noname 18" 14.5m GonG tube cost me $20, and 2 pipes that were $7.50 ($15 for 2 was the deal). Any low quality glass beats plastic!

    But sounds like a good day buddy, I'm about to partake in the wonderful herb myself.. been a long sober day
  4. i know i have 2 pieces but i left em in my friends car after a long confused night..

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