My Day at the Dave Matthews Concert

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by I_Want_To_Grow, Jul 4, 2003.

  1. It started early with a high drive to chicago.. we smoked some nugs and drove right thru down-town. if u havent been to the CHI i suggest you go. it is bad as fuck. every other time i have gone there i never noticed just how many big buildings there were. hundreds of them and the shopping downtown has all the nice stores and the women.. damn the women are fine as ever.. saw about 5 PERFECT asses on some bad ass ladies.( these ones were out of my league: about 10 years older than me and looked like rich young wifes im guessing by the very nice designer stuff they had on) next we drove to a very popular underground chicago rap cd store called "the tip" we got some cds and walked to a store that was 2 doors down. here we got hooked up with some more crystally nugs and took it back to the taste of chicago. very good food everywhere but it was also expensive:( next we drove south to Tinley Park and to the tweeter center where the concert was. on the way in u knew it would be a good time with the amount of complete knock outs driving in the gate entrance.. the place started filling up fast and we made our way to the Lawn. now.. the lawn is a HUGE hill that surrounds the arena.. walking through u are gaurenteed to always have an extremly hot ass chick in your view. i swear to god... you will never see so many bad ass bitches concentrated in one area.. every where u look u see them! somtimes groups of 8 .... sometimes by themselves... but man...EVERYWHERE i am telling you. not long the whole lawn filled and it was just packed with thousands of people.. it was all fun.. everyone smoking.. hot bitches dancing and what not. i got asked by like 5 different guys if i needed and nugs or dro or whatever they were carrying and they said i could come to the chi anytime and meet up wit them to get more.. the pot heads are soooo generous at dave concerts. after a while some fat bitch started fighting and within a half an hour she cleared a huge circle in the lawn right next to me where she proceded to start fights with seriously like 6 different people.. it was a huge fight.. people getttin tackled and beat down .. crazy.. anyhow that was a real downer and soon after we took off as to not get stuck in all the traffic. walking through the huge crowd of people to get to the exit i once again spotted too many hotties to count everytime i would lift my head to see where we were going!! it was amazing. in the parking lot we met yet another guy who offered to sell us quantity or whatever. so in conclusion.. if u want to see hot pot head girls. or if ur a girl and want to see pot head guys there are PLENTY for everyone. i aint gonna get into what happened with the girls, but lets just say that the ones that arent dating are soooooo easy. so if u are a fan of dave go get ur tickets now and hope that the concert in ur area will be as bangin as the one in CHI town.i might add some multimedia some stuff from my digital camera in the media section.,. unfortanetly they dont allow cameras in the concert so i couldnt take pics of the thousands of hot girls:(
  2. dave matthews is the shit! Never got to see him live but I'd like to
  3. sounds like a good day but dave matthews, never heard of him.
  4. its dave matthews band d-load some of their stuff it is bad ass chill music for smoking and at the concert everyone is doing just that
  5. Dave Matthews is the shit. How was the music? I see him every year when he comes to town, I've never seen a bad concert. For those who don't know who they are, you should check them out, some of the best music I've ever heard.

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