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my day at school

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by BeachSpliff858, Nov 19, 2008.

  1. so, i have my one class a day wendesdays, i go to it, then come to the library to take care of some things. but first, while warming up the ol neurons with some grasscity surfing, i took the liberty of rolling a joint in the library. enjoy the pic. ahhhh, college....

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  2. Uh oh fellows, we have a natural born badass here.

    Lol nah.. I use to rollup inside the grocery store I worked at.
  3. You live in MD? Just wondering, cause that ID has the same layout as MD does.
  4. looks like vermont too...
  5. do U live in md?
  6. Do YOU?
  7. Hope your school doesn't have cameras....

  8. Yeah cause if it does you will probably be expelled lol.

    Anyways, Happy Toking!
  9. roll up in the classroom then you a "badass":D

    naw why roll up unless you was dipping out shcool?
  10. actually this was kind of like my day at school yesterday, exept it was me, two other kids and some xannies in 6th period.
    we were snorting them the whole period (we had a sub and were watching a movie.)
  11. yeah, MD dude here, i go to UMD college park. if you have ever been in mckeldin library, you know its straight to twist and shout in there. well, twist inside, shout outside. and then come back inside and resume educational-movie-watching. STONED. peace
  12. cameras are only used if something happens. say if someone were shot in the library, they would review all of the tapes. but since jack shit went down, those tapes are going to to nothing but collect dust.

  13. Pfff thats nothin.

    I will tip my hat to the gentlemen who manages to down an entire joint in the middle of class.
  14. Its like a scene from The Breakfast Club
  15. And why are you proud of this? becuase you risked getting caught? I dont see how that makes you cool
  16. Sophmore year of high school I'll never forget the Juniours that smoked a joint in the back of math class :cool:.
  17. i dont think he said it made him cool?
  18. I'm up at UMD-CP or Towson almost every weekend. Always a good time.

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