My damn hook u dosen't wake up until like 6pm AHHHHHH

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Psycco, Aug 3, 2012.

  1. I ran out of pot and I scraped my bowl. I have dusty resin should glop it up or smoke it as is???
  2. You should find something else to do and wait for his lazy-ass to wake up. Not act like a fiend.

    That said, if I was smoking resin I think it would burn better not all gloped up.
  3. Iam a bit of a fiend its weird because if I have it I don't have to smoke it just having makes me feel better but if there is none I freak out. I try not to but I do. I'm not ashamed about it tho cuz I'm not a fiend fiend like others I kno. but my resin question comes because I searched Dry resin, dusty resin and it doesn't seem like people know about it so maybe its like being in dust form might be in the middle of the resin process for it to become tar and I have to do something to it or can it just be smoked all dusty. I have ALOT of this black dust and NO its not ash. I mean any thoughts on this?

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