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  1. Okay so I know alot of you don't care about any of this haha I was just thinking today how blessed I am to have such a relaxed lifestyle . Here's my summer days schedule

    I wake up at about 10 , and take my dog for a walk to the corner store about a mile away , my neighborhood is pretty nice so my dog loves the wildlife on the way. Once I get there, since the store owner knows me pretty well (seeing as I go there every day) he sometimes allready has my usual pickup at the counter ( a diet coke , black and mild , and a game blunt ) i pay him and come back out, untie my dogs collar from the sign ( it's like a foot from the store so he's safe) and walk back , I usually call my girl and ask what she has to do today while I light up my black . Sometimes I stop by the lake cause my dog loves the water . When I get home I turn on the shower and let it heat up , go give my dog food, and go smoke one before I hop in the shower . Once I get out I get dressed and ready and either go pick my girl up or she comes by and we go to get lunch and "hangout" if you get me :p then I get home, feed my dog again (he is only supposed to eat twice a day but I usually give him a good amount each time to hold him over , then I get ready for work from like 3:30 - 9 , on the ride back is usually when I pickup from my dealer (usually pickup an eighth of dank twice a week) and I get home , and lay out on the couch with my dog and listen to music browse the web and shit. Usually at about 11:30 or so I go pick up my friend Troy and his girl or I get my girlfriend and we all go to a parking lot or someones house if their parents aren't home( I'm 18 but I was held back at pre - k cause I was immature, so I still have another year before I graduate and move along to collage) and we smoke , some people drink but I usually don't cause im not about to get a DUI . Then we get munchies and hangout until about 2 and I drop everyone off and either have my girlfriend spend the night or just go home and crash till the next morning

    what are your daily schedules and lifestyles ?every day is different to an extent this is just my usual day
  2. Yeah that's a pretty awesome lifestyle.

  3. Everything sounds great except the Diet Coke... blech. :confused:
  4. Diet coke? Why?
  5. Why diet coke,but other than that,college is awesome!
  6. Marijuana also counts towards a DUI, not just alcohol, just saying.
  7. *When I have weed*

    -Wake up around 10

    -Hot box van

    -Eat cereal

    -Sleep for another 30 minutes

    -Hot box van again

    -Watch YouTube videos/browse the internet

    -Hot box van again

    -Eat Lunch

    -Hot box van again

    -Take dogs for a walk (smoke while walking on the trail) <---very secluded

    -Eat food

    -Hot box van again

    -Read articles on the internet (I love reading when I'm high)

    -Hot box van again


    -Hot Box van again

    -Talk to my wonderful girlfriend

    -Hot box van again

  8. [quote name='"Jitros067"']Marijuana also counts towards a DUI, not just alcohol, just saying.[/quote]

    Where i live you cant get a dui for driving while high... Nor have i ever heard of anyone getting a dui while driving high any where else... Its called owi (operating while influenced) and owi for pills is (operating while intoxicated).
    not saying that you cant get a dui for driving high.. I just have never heard of anyone getting one before.
  9. Diet coke...

    So many questions...
  10. Just be safe :)
  11. You've been getting a lot of shit about your soda preference... AS YOU SHOULD.
  12. coke zero > diet coke if you're wanting to not get normal coke
  13. Lol I know I didn't know yall hated diet coke so much haha , I usually just walk to the store for A little exercise and to get the blunt so I only bring about 2 dollars and some extra change in my pocket and I do that every day so I don't see why I'd go and buy a $3 drink every morning haha , but I get the hate itsnot my favorite drink either but the coke cans are cheap as he'll and I don't like normal coke for some reason , sometimes I get cherry coke but it's usually diet coke. What do y'all suggest I get instead lmao
  14. Such a chill lifestyle, but that diet coke? giiiirrrrlllll

  15. Only an idiot would get a DUI for driving high. You'd have to self-incriminate for it to even be possible.
  16. Coke Zero is where it's at.

  17. There are numerous ways in which an officer can make assumptions that you've been driving while being high... even the slightest smell is enough to get your ass a DUI.

    Any stain of resin, left over roaches, etc

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