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My daily smokers

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Slilent, Oct 14, 2014.

  1. So I smoke daily and times I run dry for a day or 2 when I do tho things change

    I get grumpy with people
    At nights I sweat and when im awake my hands are clammy
    Thats it tho nothing drastic just small annoying things.

    Anyone else get the same thing.

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  2. withdrawal symptoms
    I find when I don't smoke I don't have as much patience or humour for people in general. I find it hard to believe that it is a withdrawal symptom however if only because I used to feel that way before I smoked weed. 
    I once read that aside from emotional issues or genetic traits, the need to be "dumbed down" is another reason why someone might feel they NEED to use all the time. I say need because when you don't have it, it feels like you are incapable of dealing with the world, versus just wanting it and being like "Aw shit that sucks."  
    Anyway, the theory is that if you have a somewhat higher intellect and you are surrounded by individuals with a much lower intellect or that do not give you that intellectual "back and forth" you need, then your instinct to dumb yourself down to belong is there. Whether its because you want to fit, or maybe just tolerate them, I guess there are many reasons why someone might want to do that.
    For me, I feel like a good 80% of the people that surround me irritate me on a regular basis. Whether it's the group of loud girls that feel it necessary to broadcast their very vapid and unoriginal conversations to the world and you're stuck in the room with them, or the elderly lady behind the wheel of the car that can barely see above the wheel and is going 30 below the limit and I am STUCK behind her-- Perhaps it's the constant references to Kim Kardashian or the fact there is a breast cancer awareness sticker on my toilet paper, I don't know. Maybe I just get pissed off easily, I can accept that, but I just feel on average people tend to just instinctively know how to shit all over my happy day.
    So weed makes me smile. It makes me laugh at the girls, be patient with the lady, ignore the Kim shit and not notice the sticker on my toilet paper. It lubricates me for the world, and makes it easy for me to flow through it. Otherwise I can be quite the brambly bitch. 
  4. I used to smoke all day everyday when I was in hs.  Now I smoke mainly at night or not at all.  I think much clearer now.  I'll never go back to smoking all day everyday.  I did that for around 2 years, and all it was, was a waste of money and tolerance. 
  5. The "dumbing down" theory is pretty accurate in my opinion, I consider myself a person with a higher intellect than average and when I don't smoke weed for a day or two I start feeling annoyed just by listening to some people.
  6. It could be the dumbing down or once I give It thought it could be mu job and making the same dishs 6 nights a weeks over in over

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  7. I usualy smoke like,two or three times a week mostly,sometimes daily.
    My main problem is,when i'm on a t-break,i just find myself irrevocably bored. 
    Everything i do,i know it would be much more fun,while high..
    I never experienced anything serious apart from this utter boredom.
  8. Yep, whenever I take a break I am more prone to being mad. I'm not just constantly angry, but it becomes much easier to irratate me. I also lose some of my appetite and it takes a little bit longer to fall asleep. But none of the effects are that bad and subside after a few days.
  9. How do sum of you get pass this and do your t breaks

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  10. #10 Infinite Experience, Oct 18, 2014
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    You gotta find something entertaining to occupy your time, find a good book, play a sport, start working out, whenever I find myself bored from being sober I go on a run, or lift some weights, and then afterwards I don't want to smoke because I got a natural high from working out.
  11. Do you see what Tawmsoyer said in my sig? High 5 to him! When I am sober, I sweat the small stuff. But when I am high, I am at peace. That's the magic of marijuana.
  12. what is this "break" you speak of...?
  13. I agree. I make sure to get every little crumb from the tray and into my bowl before I smoke.. then after, I can spill a whole bowl into the carpet and probably laugh at it. 
  14. been a nearly every day smoker for the past few months, definitely when I didn't have it I was super irritable the first few days. I ended up drinking on some of those days but it was enough to calm down for some reason and didn't happen often. The worst was simply how dull everything just became, because I'm still a relative noobie to pot, I still remember my pre pot days vividly and how insanely bored I would get and just go looking for trouble. I definitely had to keep my mind busy by either watching a good movie or reading a good book.It does go away quickly enough if you start doing other stuff and like some others have said, exercise will give you a good endorphin boost. I do want to stay at my current level or lower though so t breaks are basically required every now and then and I avoid smoking before 4pm, even on days off.
  15. Does it ever affect anyones diet

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