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My Dads So Cool......

Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by WestCoastStoner, May 4, 2004.

  1. well, my rash is goin away, and its most likely my last day from school.....but, i woke up, and looked in the stash and he left me two good nugs !!!! its Juicy Fruit.....it smells SOOOOOO good.......its hella stoney too.....and we found out that some of the seeds we planted were Fruity Juice.....so im fuckin excited about harvest!!!!
  2. <---wants some!
  3. yeah yeah , you always gott abe bragging. jesus cant you ever just not talk about it for a bit.

    j/p i wish someone wold do that for me
    have fun with it. im getting a half o later in teh week :D
  4. i luv my dad too he always pitch's in 4 w33d
  5. I remember in grade 10, i got busted for blazin out front of the school, my mom sent me to my dads for the weekend and thats when i found out that my old man tokes too, and he gave me a joint to smoke to my head, the next night he talked to me about his stance with pot and he told me to smoke it once in a while and not abuse such a sweet leaf.. I have a new respect for my dad. Plus we can blaze together haha...
  6. mmm juicy fruit
  7. Damn Juicy Fruit, thats nice. I'm hookin up an 1/8th of Northern Lights on Friday.Peace.

  8. cool....just to say....


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