My dad used to be a stoner

Discussion in 'The Artist's Corner' started by thccrystals, Jan 29, 2004.

  1. Check out what he drew during the 70's.

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  2. here's another.

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  3. those are great. looking more, finds more! I like the first one, peace sign somewhat hidden behind the cross..
  4. Those are very good..

    I wish I could draw likre that...
  5. those are some trippy pics.... wicked good drawing skills
  6. why cant i draw like that?
  7. wow. .those are really good.
  8. that would be soo sweet to be able to express my thoughts in drawings like that...

    meh, im in a band... writin songs is good enough haha
  9. i draw an after seeing those, i know that if he drew them and you asked him if he smoked or not, and he say's "No" then he means "No".........a man like him does't express his feelings in such a powerfull way and then decide to hide behind anything..........i get the feeling your father has never hid behind anything in his life..........even his hardest decisions..........Peace out..........Sid

  10. Woah now, what exactly are you saying/implying?? I know for a fact that he used to smoke but no longer does. He also no longer draws and hasn't expressed himself artistically since the 70's. He plays guitar now, but I meant like drawing, painting etc. Also, I never said he hides/hid behind anything. I was simply just showing you all his cool artwork, and since we are in a weed forum I thought I'd say he used to be a stoner.
  11. heh THC u tell ur dad i said he's teh shit for that first picture... tell em he makes the fraze "A Picture says a thousand words" true in every sence :p

  12. thc you took me the wrong way, i thought that you had just found the pictures and put them up, and reckoned that your dad is or was a stoner........i didn't know that you allready knew that he was! what i was meaning was that if you asked him, he'd just tell you straight out........(which he must have allready done as know that he used to smoke) what i was saying was that those are 2 very powerfull pictures drawn by someone who would never shy away from anything.........i hope that made sense, as i'm even more baked now than i was when i typed the last one.........i was in no way dissing your father mate, i'd never do anyting like that, and i love the pics.......Peace out.......Sid

  13. Alright, cool man. It was just a small misunderstanding.

    Oh yea, I know he used to smoke cause I found his old bong from the 70's that he still has stored away. Oh yea, we also got about 50 issues of high times from the 70's too! Once I found my dad's bong I took out the bowl/stem and I used to make a shitload of homemade bongs. I still got it and use it occationally, it has the word 'toke' inscribed in it, it's really cool and I'm glad I can extend it's life!

  14. no problem mate, glad we got that cleared you know those high times magazines, if you get a spare minute or 2, would you be able to find out if any of the strains that have pics of them are still growing........a lot of strains are lost............i don't mean for you to check every one, just if you could give me a list of the ones that sound weird to you, or you haven't heard of at all..........i'm about to start a mission of collecting seeds/clones if at all possible of some very rare plants, ant those mags may provide a foothold to get a couple........if you don't mind?.........Peace out.........Sid

  15. The only problem is I'm up at school, and the mags are back at home. I'm not going home until March either. Sorry, but if I remember in March(or if you remind me) then I will check it out.
  16. that wud b so cool 2 have a bong as a family heirloom... passed down from stoner to stoner for 10000000 years until weed becomes extinct by fuckin GLOBAL WARMIN!!!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!
  17. Very good, looks like your dad liked mc escher........if you dont know who he is look up his work its some sweet shit man.
  18. yo that's awesome.. that's almost the style i do for some of my stuff but i'm not good.. ur dad's art is cool
  19. your dads cool and he has got some talent

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