My dad thought my eyes were bloodshot cause I was on the computer all day...

Discussion in 'General' started by desuforeverlulz, Mar 12, 2012.

  1. lol dude I've used eye drops before but I didn't have any.
  2. Nice! Back in the day when my auld mam used to catch me with eyes like the devils arse she knew what was up straight away. Tried to play it off as 'hayfever' or 'dog hairs' heh but fuck it alls well that end well.

    Seems like a win-win situation for ya though, get totally lifted and spend unlimited time surfing the web and then able to pass off being high if the need arises as spending said time on the computer. Highdeas. :smoking:
  3. sweet reason. another good one is to tell them that you were crying, and when they ask why just say the stupidest reason you can think of, and they will leave you alone. worked on my mom plenty.
  4. ahh but then your dad will think your a pussy... I just wouldn't go down that road :D

    If he assumed that they were red because of the computer, cool... your off the hook for now! :)
  5. "...those gawd damn allergies dad."
  6. "I'm allergic."
    "Of what?"

  7. i ate you for lunch today
  8. Your computer screen is cooking your eyes

  9. cannibal! run!
  10. Mom says that all the time.. get way too high ripping vape in my room after school.. then my mom's like you need to back up your eyes get so red from your computer

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