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My dad the asshole

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Buddeh, Feb 18, 2008.

  1. I can't comprehend what compels someone to be such an asshole. My dad is one of the biggest assholes I know. He recently grounded me for the weekend for going to my friends house with the car. He still won't let me drive anywhere. Last night he got our car stuck in the driveway of mud AGAIN. He shoulda backed onto the gravel. He procedes to tell me it was my fault because I was bugging him about how I wanted to go to my friends house. I told him it isn't my fault. I wasn't screaming, touching the wheel, messing with the gears while you were backing out. He was like "I had to look at you while im backing out". Wtf does that mean is he seriously incompetent. Now I'm late for school missing my most important class period because he is dumb. I don't really mind much because after school I'm going to my friends house to chill and smoke some weed we get out early today.
  2. Sounds like a plan.
  3. aaaaaaaand cut.

    everybody doesnt like their parents, move out or start kissin ass for more freedom
  4. Seriously. move out when possible (obviously) but you'll then have a much better relationship with your parents, or dad for that matter. I used to hate my dad too.
  5. yaa he really should let u get to school buddeh? are you trying to make your name buddha and also if your old enough to drive get your license and your own car because if your on here you should be 18 and if your 18 you are old enough to get your license
  6. how does anything he said contradict him being 18.... its prob his parents crs, and he prob has a license.... cmon now man THINK

    some dads are assholes, especially the foreign ones, o well ur jus gonna have to deal wit it

  7. I like my parents... :eek:
  8. whats up man you seem tense as fuck.

    maybe i'm just baked.
  9. me too!! i live pretty far away from both my mom and my dad... shes two hours away and he is four or five, and i talk to them everyday on the phone cause im a dork like that. moving out does wonders for your relationship with your parents, for sure.

  10. nah bro your a liar :p, i dont even know you and i can guarantee that you've told your parents you otherwise at least once in your life

    you might like them now.

    i love my parents too, now that ive been on my own for a while and they dont have a vote on my actions and activities.

    i think as you get older you start to see your parents and the people they are as opposed to your mom and pop. thats when you can really connect with them on a mature level and the relationshit improves, at least thats how it went for me not gonna speak for everyone else (cept the dude i quoted im speaking for you! lol)
  11. True that. Sure, we all "hate" our parents during our adolescence. But once you reach that certain age (For me, about 19-20ish) you begin to really appreciate everythign that they did for you. And you realize that back then, when they were grounding you and all that, they really were just doing the best thing for your stupid ass. There were times in my teenage years where I thought I "hated" them. They never let me do what I wanted to do. They were so unfair. They were always out to get me. All that stupid shit.

    I just smile when I read on here about all the kids screamin and hollerin about how their parents won't let them smoke, they're always grounded...shit liek that. They just don't realize how good they really do have it. (Seein as to how they should be 18, and if ur 18 and bitchin about your parents...move the fuck out or play by their rules cuz you're prolly not paying rent anyway) Moving out too, will really help you appreciate them. For me it did totally.

    I love my parents and I love how they raised me. They were hard when they needed to be hard and weren't when they didn't. I figure if I raise my kids half as well as my paretns raised me, then I'll be alright
  12. Dudes, I just got caught for the 9th time andI just lost my car, my cell phone, my ipod, my xbox, and my hi-def tv. My parents are pretty wealthy and i'm just chillin. I need my parents to pay for college cause i don't have nearly enough money and i see college as my best shot at life. There is NO WAY i'm moving out of my house but i have NO FREEDOM right now and it sucks. I've failed numerous drug tests but my dad says if I fail one more its off to rehab. I WANT FREEDOM AND I WANT TO SMOKE THE GANJA!!! WHAT THE FUCK!!!! life is so gay right now, and for those of you who have your freedom be thankful for it. My situation sucks dick!!!! i can't drive i can't text my life is over i don't know what i'm gonna do...please leave suggestions...comments...
  13. hey do u want me to kill him for you? my prices start at $1200 and he will be dead within 2 days, i'll bury him in your backyard no one will ever find him. so whatcha think bout it?
  14. was this supposed to be funny?
  15. lol are you trying to see if hes serious so u can take him up on the offer lol?
  16. Here's a suggestion... Respect your parents' house rules... The 9th time, dude? You're kind of whining for a what a great fucking situation you've got. Put it in perspective, please! Your life's probably not over... You just need to reevaluate how you treat your parents rules.


    Oh dude I'm not saying I don't get mad at them and they don't do some stupid shit--everyone does--but for everything they've done (and are still doing) they deserve not only my respect but my adoration... They're good fucking parents.
  17. you sound like a girl.. first of all if my parents were loaded I would stop smoking weed for as long as they supported me financially. Or you can be poor originally like me and grow enough weed so you never have to worry about buying for a while. Also you can pay off debts like college/car loans. Limited Knowledge=High Profits
  18. nah serious dude, just let me know.

    hahaha :D
  19. Yea buddeh is 18 lol ive seen and held ID

  20. You could always get a job and buy your own cellphone, xbox, car and tv. Who's gonna take it away from you then?

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