my dad smokes BLUNTS?

Discussion in 'General' started by Randy Marsh, Jun 8, 2009.

  1. Yeah so my dad told me he tried one of those blunts he called it out of the random. so i was like how was it? and he was like pretty good. I was stunned because i didnt know what to think. My dad knows I smoke and I know he does but we never talk about it. He thinks because he's old and near retirement he is entitled to smoke but since i am still in school my father can't justify it. How could I persuade my father to smoke a blunt, joint w/e?
  2. south park ftw
  3. did he already say he can't justify you smoking, or is that what he might say? hopefully your dad would look at grades, attitude, stuff most parents want out of their kids. basically just be really good, stay out of trouble, and i would think your dad would trust you. prove to him that you can be in control while you smoke. then why shouldn't he smoke with you?
  4. If my dad smoked blunts I'd persuade him to take up smoking out of glass.

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