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my dad is gonna get high!!!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Mr_Criminal, Aug 6, 2003.

  1. Heya. My dad is 58 or so. He's an ex-marine he was in Vietnam.. got a finger shot off.. Ever seen the movie Hamburger Hill? He says it was a lot like that. He's a hardass. I'm 18 I can bench 200 pounds like 50 times in a row and I think he could beat my ass at 58.
    But anyway, he says he smoked pot ONE time in his life when he was about 40, after work someone he worked with was like HEY, come smoke.
    So.. today I went with him to a job interview just to ride with him. We talked a bit. I decided to be honest and open a bit. You see, I haven't smoked in 3 months cause I'm looking for a job. So I told him, I'm kind of looking for a job I can keep at least a year because I'm dying to smoke again. (He knew I smoked before and wasn't very cool with it but he had the attitude like "eh what can I do about it")
    So... I was open and honest. The conversation went on. He joked a bit, "so you're dying to get chinese eyed huh" blahblahblah, it ends up with me asking, "so hey, are you going to smoke with me on my birthday?" (I never talk about this stuff with him) and he says "no I don't smoke that shit". So I say "will you drink it?" he says yeah.. he thought you couldn't drink it. So I give him a look.. I say "really?" he says "yeah" I say "swear it on something" he says "like what" I say "swear it on your mom" (she's dead) and he says he will drink it.
    So then I explain how THC is soluble in fat and alcohol, and I have some weed-liquor brewing that will be ready right on my birthday. So he says he WILL drink it. Yay, weeee. He'll probably just drink it then go to bed or somethin. But hopefully he'll drink it and stay up for a lil bit and listen to some music.

    So, yeaaaah. I'm gonna get my dad hiiiiiiigh. He hasn't smoked in like 20 years, and he's gonna DRINK it.. lol. Fun fun..
  2. daaaym. i knew you looked like a big tough mean bassa not to be messed wit, but thats an insane muscle ya got there.

    anyways, yeah thats fuckin sweet about ya pops. shame he's not gonna get to experience what its like to get high from da bong.
  3. Wasnt too long ago when I opened up to my dad and told him my habits...Turned out he was a pothead as a kid too. I ended up getting him back into smoking, and somtimes we will share a joint. Dads are cool when theyre high.
  4. my dad smokes pot, he doenst want me or my brother to, but he knows my bro wont stop, he does other srugs, like much more harder, he just doesnt mainley want me to, but i do, such a hypocrit(sp?)
  5. tight! my mom said she would try weed for the first time with me if my grades r o.k. she said if she likes it she will smoke with me alot..... maybe shes ok after all ?

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