My dad is crazy

Discussion in 'General' started by SugarcroN, Apr 8, 2004.

  1. So today I get a call from my dad, and the 1st thing off the bat hes like, I just stabbed a knife though my hand. By then Im like holy shit what the fuck. So as the story goes, He was scraping something off of a car or something, and the knife slipped and stabbed right though his hand like -|- RIGHT THROUGH!. lucky it went inbetween the bones and missed and tendons and nerves. Hes alright thank god cause damn that shit scared the shit outta me.

    Oh yea, he fucken pulled that shit out himself tied it up with a rag, and drove to the fucken hospitol that was only like a few miles away. But damn....
  2. Good thing he cleaned up his hand right away though, because you can lose your whole hand by a little pinch of metal.
  3. I bet that hurt. I almost took my fingers and once my hand off with a band saw once (well actually a bunch of times), but the main one was from someone who thought it'd be a good idea to sneak right up behind me and yell "HEY! what'cha up to?" while I was cutting something... my fingers were almost gone'ers, luckily it just zipped the back of my fingers, on my left hand... if I had lost em I'm right handed anyway
  4. shit like that happens to my pops ay'day.....he works on mobile homes and shit, and he's always fallin off the roofs and gettin hit in the head with fallin 2x4's......

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