My Dad is Becoming a Cop

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  1. So today my father informed me, that at the ripe age of fifty-something (I don't know his exact age, this makes me feel bad) he is becoming an auxiliary law enforcement officer. He said he was going to arrest "everyone". I find this extremely ironic, as I am someone he would arrest. I almost find it humorous. He is going to be arresting my fellow potheads. Or at least attempting to. He wants me to try to be his "inside man" and find where the source of the drugs are and stuff. Little does he know that's me. Anyways, this will be very interesting. Does anyone else have relatives that are lawmen? Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  2. my uncle was a cop. i didn't talk to him for years. then my aunt divorced him, so i don't ever have talk to him again. 
    don't hate your dad for being a cop. lol he sounds like he doesn't have a lot going on
  3. just.... wow. that's wild. so you're like the "main man" in your area? and you dads becoming a cop? please update this thread as this situation unfolds. please.
  4. Ops dads gonna arrest op

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  5. [quote name="Buzzwell420" post="19413950" timestamp="1390797014"]Ops dads gonna arrest opSent from my LG-P659 using Grasscity Forum mobile app[/quote]Hope not haha, although I wouldnt be surprised. We get into lots of arguments when I visit him, unfortunately. Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  6. My dad is a state cop
  7. Nothing personal, but I could not ever bring myself to trust a cop.
  8. Tell him u guys can make a ton of money . 
    Step 1.) You sell the weed
    Step2.) Your dad gives the guy a break and just confiscates it
    Step 3.) Dad gives the weed back to you to resell
  9. tell your dad he needs to quit being a faggot.
  10. Don't be a narc bro. That's fucked up.
    I also wouldn't go around telling people your pops is a cop. Ain't nobody gonna hang with you.
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    Tell your pops fuck you from fearjar. And congratulations for waiting fifty years before he broke down and sucked cock. Some of those pricks start much earlier....
  12. I have a cop living down the street from me, it keeps the dumb fucks away.
    We get along just fine. I do think his wife wants my dick though.
  13. You should probably let him know what's up then with your situation if he doesn't know you sell/ smoke. Better you tell him then he founds out from a co-worker, also if he loves he may even help you out
  14. My connect in high school quit one day to join the academy.. havent talked to him since that day although I've seen him on patrol a couple times he just pretends like he doesn't know us haha fuckin pig
  15. Walk up to him

    Say "fuck the police"

    Slap him with bacon and make pig sounds as you run away.

    Also take his gun and be like "I have your gun, what you gonna do now?"
  16. Sounds like a sit-com. Haha----------------------------------Larry King should be the 12th Doctor.
  17. Im not gonna be a snitch. I'm just not gonna tell him anything. I will just be like "I couldn't find the source of the drugs, and I don't feel comfortable associating myself with people who partake in the usage of illegal substances." I don't want to risk coming clean with him either, as he is a huge anti-weed guy. I'm hoping he will give me inside cop information or something, that my friends and I can use to our advantage. He will be able to arrest people within two months he said, and he has already gone through some of the physical fitness tests. Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  19. Ah just another government leech trying to fuck people.
  20. [quote name="mak1178" post="19414869" timestamp="1390812265"]Ah just another government leech trying to fuck people.[/quote]You know without police we'd be fucked, correct? ----------------------------------Larry King should be the 12th Doctor.

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