My dad is addicted to coke

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  1. Diet Coke that is:rolleyes::p

    Seriously though, he drinks like 3-4 every morning and then one every two hours or so throughout the day, the worst part is he is a dentist and he should know that shit rots your teeth. He says if he doesnt drink some Diet Coke in the morning he gets really pissed off and gets a headache.

    The first time he busted me I tried to be smart and said well at least Im not addicted to anything like you, and he said it doesnt matter because Diet Coke is legal.

    Also hes always on my case about me procrastinating so much, and I remember a few years ago he made a new years resolution to stop drinking so much diet coke, but he never did. Talk about procrastinating....never went on that diet to lose weight like he said he would either, but I dont bring that up with him cuz its a little touchy.

    Anyways Im thinking about stealing all the diet coke in our house one night so the next morning hes all crazy and shit haha
  2. Drinking that much Diet Coke is sick. The chemicals in Diet Coke turn to something similar to formaldehyde when they reach body temp and have been linked to MS.
  3. ahahahahhahaha, i love it!

    i dont know what more to say...

  4. the aspartame turns to wood alcohol does it not?
  5. i read some study recently that said that the benzene (carcinogenic chemical) levels in softdrinks (primarily diet softdrinks) were 15-20 times higher than the standardized levels in drinking water.
  6. my cousin is also addicted to coke and believe it or not, it's not easy to quit. whenever she doesnt have caffeine her hands start shaking, she gets a headache, irritable, and sweats. Yeah it's just like a drug... the best way for him to quit is just cutting it down to like 5 diet cokes a day then slowly going down till hes drinkin 1 and then stopping completely. He can't just cold turkey it without experiencing some major withdrawals.
  7. Yeah but I want my dad to go threw the withdrawls so he realizes that its also a drug and much more physically and mentally addictive that weed.

  8. maybe if you had time you could research the dangers of caffeine and then show him weed and let him see how caffeine is much more of an addicting and harmful drug than weed.

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