my dad is a asshole

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  1. my family has had suspicions for awhile now that hes been seeing another girl. he always says he goes running for liek 45 minutes, hes a piece of shit eats so much and is a drunk i dont and hes fat, so im not seeign his exercise. he had off from work today my mom called him and a girl answered. my mom is screaming and crying my dad seems liek he doesnt care or did anything wrong. i feel so bad
  2. do you think you can take your dad?
  3. Yeah I don't like dads that cheat....or stay in the house while divorced to your mom but still seeing another person every weekend..
  4. im 6 foot 130 pounds bench 180
    hes liek 6 foot 250
    i hit him befor just as joking aroudn in the arm and he got pissed at me cus it hurt him
    i coodnt tackle him to the ground tho
  5. You'd be surprised what you can do when you think your family is being threatened. Its instinct, size doesn't matter.

  6. ya but we are hunters lots o guns. he brougth out is revolver the 1 time they were fighting, he didnt threaten anyoen with it but he brought it out, things a 44 magnum
    i will run straight to the po pos befor getting anywhere neer it
  7. Yeah, my pops cheated on mom and all he had to do to keep it going was to stop talking to the other lady, but he refused so mom divorced him. She's much better off, hanging out with a bunch of her friends now, enjoying life etc

    Can't say the same about my dad, but he brought it on himself

    And violence won't solve a single thing in this matter
  8. my mom cheated on my dad, now shes a scumbag nascar junkie. and i never see her anymore. i hate to say it, but she seams kind of dead to me.
  9. dude, i had a piece of shit low life stepdad jsut like that. i always tought he was cheating but no, instead he was making copies of all our financial shit and trying to run off with it.

    i made his life hell before my mom and him split, he always be leaving the table at dinner cause id piss him off so much with my liberal attitude, and my strait out dissing his ideas. he was a real jerkoff and i wish i had the chance to beat his ass for the times he hurt my sister and called me gay and shit.

    i say beat his fucking ass if that shti is true. i wouldnt let anyone fuck with my family like that. and this is comming from someone who has maybe 5-6 generations of illegitimate family members because of my great grandpah's antics.
  10. uhh
    if he leaves tho were going to have to move because theres no way were going to be able to keep this house my bro is in college lots of loans to pay off i wouldnt want him getting taking out of that.
  11. same situation man. They had to give up the nice ass house they had worked so hard to get

    but would you rather your mom live in a lie, unhappy, with a man that is only going to upset her?

    And I am in college with plenty of loans to pay off, i don't see how them moving is going to affect that? There is always a way dude
  12. it would deffinately be better if they were seperated and stopped fighting, im stuck in the middle of this tho my dad will want me with him but i love my mom, i dont want to upset my dad tho since my bro or sis dont like him.
  13. Yeah, I hear ya. Fortunately, this happened later in life for me, and I am out on my own so I don't have to worry about that really. My dad is basically cut off from the family, even his own parents aren't talking to him. I am still real upset with him and he knows it, but I just do my best to get past it because I am literally the only one who will still talk to him.

    Best of luck with the situation man, I know it's hella shitty having to deal with it
  14. Theres not much I can add that hasn't already breen said, except im wishing you luck.

    Now im not really for violence or revenge and all that, but since Im a weirdo im gonan toss this out to you:

    Get a hold of his toothbrush and scrub it between your toes. Or your butt.
  15. what happened? Couldnt really understand what happened.

    Dun' fight him though. my opinion
  16. If you can just talk man to man with him and tell him something like... do you really want us kids later in life looking down on you for this kind of crap, or would you rather have us proud of you for the way you lived your life? ... maybe it will put some thoughts in his upper head, which doesn't sounds like he's using.
  17. I found out my mom was cheating on my dad just before they got divorced, and I'm the only one in my family that ever knew. They are married now and I was pretty young when I found out, it was fucked up. You can't understand what it feels like for one of your parents to cheat unless it happened to you, but he kind of deserved it he was a shitty husband when they first got married and one of his girlfriend wrote my mom a letter that she gave my dad aids and that my mom and her kids (me and my sisters) would have aids...

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