My dad found out I smoke pot

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Buddeh, Mar 22, 2008.

  1. Well I was sitting at home waiting for my sister and her friends to come over. Anyways they get here and my sister told me that my dad found my marijuana seeds in the car. She didn't rat me out she simply said they weren't hers so he assumed it was me. He didn't really get mad. I assumed he was going to drop it and not talk to me about it. Well anyways, I was walking into the kitchen had the phone in my hand he said to put the phone down and come outside he wanted to talk.

    My first instinct was that he was going to give me a stern talking to. Turns out he pretty much told me to be careful and don't "twist that shit up in the car". My dad was like "I was going to take those seeds and plant them, Just kidding I would get caught." He told me how he knows that I know he used to smoke pot. Overall, it was pretty good.

    I'm pretty sure hes a little upset about it but he doesn't care because I'm getting good grades and shit. Anyways that was my little story. The next bowl I load is for my dad.
  2. Whoa, deja vu.
  3. He must've been a stoner in his day..

    "don't twist that up in the the car"
  4. Heh.. I wish it went down like that for me. When I was 18 I got caught me and kicked me out of the house... awesome!
  5. Your dad seems pretty chill.

    Think about how cool it will be down the line if you continue to do well in school and take care of your other responsibilities. Perhaps you'll be able to twist one up with him.

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