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My dad found my seeds

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Capnfalconpunch, Jan 2, 2013.

  1. I'm 19 and live alone with my dad. Since I was 16 I've been a pretty hardcore toker, because he goes to bed so early I go downstairs almost every school night and blaze up, and have never gotten caught. I was going to give a few seeds to a friend at school a few months back so I put them in a baggy so they wouldn't get lost. Somehow my dad found them in my laundry and called me downstairs and said "what is this?" and held up the baggy. He asked "is this left over from a bag of marijuana?" I didn't really know what to say so I just denied it. He said "if I catch you smoking marijuana I'm going to kick your ass" and went to bed. He's a conservative lawyer so I really don't think I could change his opinion on it. What should I do?
  2. Shyyyyyyyyt you're fucked
  3. Show him The Union . If he still disapproves don't smoke in his house . Also , be a productive stoner so he knows your not some lazy doper
  4. Sue the bastard for alienation of affection bro; you have to speak to him in his own language.
  5. I'm glad I have my bong hidden
  6. If he's really a lawyer just explain how much its worth on both sides of the law and he'll be all for it.
  7. if he is a lawyer and catches you and kicks your ass, sue him for assault.
    besides that if he just gets mad at you oh well. even lawyers need to get used to marijuana now.
  8. Back when I was into drinking and he caught me his main argument was "it's against the law" (because I'm underage) so as long as weed is illegal I doubt he would allow me to smoke.
  9. i doubt you're going to stop toking. what are your options?
    get a job and move out maybe. or if you have a job, maybe look for a roomate.

  10. That was the stand my mom took, till I went to my lhs and bought all the legal highs. Long story short she's all for me smoking marijuana and not legals.
  11. If you think you could get away with it, since he's already pretty sure its pot seeds, might go for lack of judgement and you found it on the street and picked it up. Might also double protect your paraphernalia
  12. My dads a lawyer and he used to buy ozs haha but forreal just keep it on the down low and if he really gets pissed talk to him about it and leave
  13. He just talked to me again, he said "you can't be bringing drugs into my house blah blah blah". I think he's cool now. Still gonna be extra careful from now on though
  14. Yeah brother really you should respect his rules and wishes but at the same time being young and all yah gotta do what yah gotta do
  15. He's gonna be watching out for you smoking now.
  16. He's bluffing, he's not gonna kick your ass. He smokes everyday right under your nose.

    Or was that you, I don't remember. :smoking:
  17. On a real note, that really sucks OP. You might want to start smoking outside or not at all, or move out or something. I just suggest not doing it under his nose. :wave:
  18. Yup, have fun with that shit. My dads treated me like a junkie ever since and its lame as fuck
  19. + rep
  20. Your ass is 19 and living with him, if you didn't have a job and you were my kid there's no way Id let you chief.

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