My dad found a O of bomb weed and gave it back!

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  1. Damn so last night I was out partyin and shit and i called up my dad. My dad proceeded to tell me about how he found all my bud and pipe and shit at my crib. I went home mad late last night drunk as shit and just went to bed. This morning i talked to my dad all about it. He said he found all my bud and stuff. He was surprised how good my weed was haha and i told him i can get my money back if he gives it back to me. SO he gave it back to me and now I just got some money from my bro to show him. I'm so pumped. I told him ill stop smoking and stuff so im gonna stop for a while till shit cools off. Its mad funny cuz my dad fucking hates weed and he gave it all back so i could sell it back and shit. lmao today was horrible but now it turned out alright. I got like a quarter to smoke all today cuz todays gonna be my last day for a while. Just decided to tell grasscity my story. SO glad I got out of this alive haha and he didnt even tell my mom cuz my mom would cry for like a month straight. Shits all good out here. Love you grasscity
  2. You're dad is anti-weed, but was "surprised how good it was" ? Sounds like your dad isn't as anti-weed as you might think...

    When my dad found my brother's stash, he proceeded to flush it. I jokingly said he shouldn't flush it.. I could get rid of it and we could split the profits. Well, he didn't take it as a joke and just gave me this really pissed off glare as he dumped it all into the toilet (it was only reg). But its all good now, he's chilled out a lot and now has no problem with my brother and i smoking, and he even ignores the odd odor coming from my room on occasion.
  3. So I assume you are 16 or something because of that story? :confused:
  4. no haha i go to college in the fall but yeah my dad used to smoke ALL THE TIME and now he fucking hates it haha he's a health teacher so what do you expect bro? and if i was 16 why would he ever give it back? lmao good call
  5. pretty sick. atleast you get one hella big sesh
  6. dude wtf?

  7. hahaha man I wish I could of seen that
  8. my mom found a half o and a scale and asked me who it was and i told her it was my friends and i had to return it and she believed me heheh low key tho, hahah glad you got lucky as well
  9. l0l my dad found any in my room would go straight down the toilet, lucky me i got my own old stove in my room, which is probably not used for the last 80 years, which has this perfect hideable holes in it :)

    and anyways he wouldnt go sneaking around in my room, seriously doubt it, no big pipes either :)
    joints far more easier to carry around :D

    weed privacy

  10. I saw absolutely nothing to imply him being underaged in his story.
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    hmm, neither did i....

    I guess that guy is just acting like a fucking douche.
  12. I remember my dad taking a half of mine when I was a junior. It was hidden inside a cat food bag in a jar buried.
    I was mad, but I kinda laughed it off after thinking about how hard he must have been looking for bud to dig through a cat food bag.
    and after he said he "Flushed it down the toilet" right............

  13. I would expect you youngsters having enough skills to be successfully hiding your illegal substances especially from your parents.

    To the OP why would your Dad be searching your room in your absence?


    time for you to read the contents of my signature line. It is there especially for guys like you are. :p
  14. prob cuz my room smells like straight pot haha my fault completely on that one
  15. i cannot sleep for shit right now either fml

  16. smoke up then mutha fucka! take like 10 fat ass bong rips out ya window and just be chillen and crash broh.. but its 10 am why u wanna crash hahahah
  17. uh? nothing he said implied that. smoke a joint and stop trying to be a pain in the ass. your just trying to cause issues.

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