My dad buys some DIRT weed! OR does he?

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  1. My dad has been trying to get me to believe him on the fact that he no longer uses marijuana. At some point, I started to believe him (It was hard because he used to be a HUGE stoner.) Anyway.. I'm dry now so I decided to check the attic (checked the attic 10 times ; never found anything [im rly fukn high])
    *Please don't lecture me on how it's wrong to steal. I am aware of that, but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. Besides, he LIED :D
    In the attic I see a big jar with about a half ounce in it, some bob marley rolling papers, and some metal pipe that looks like it's used for crack... but there's weed in there. Anyway I pinched about .2 off of his half ounce, nothing major.

    anyway, the weed is completely brown, but if you look closely there's so many hairs and it's wet due to crystals. Is it schwag or schwags cousin
  2. .. How's it smoke?
  3. Post some picks
  4. Got the schwag attack!!!

    or higher quality brick weed that was sun dried to the fullest.

    in the end its prolly not from US of A!!

  5. I think you answered your own question..:p
  6. Provide pics or smoke it
  7. Maybe he did quit and that weed has been there for a while? You just never came across it on previous attic expeditions. You took some didnt you? Did it get you high? You be the judge
  8. does it have seeds in it too?
  9. Yes. seeds. That I have began to germinate along with my 15 others :) And yes, the weed got me stoned in 2 bong rips. Like really high. Now I'ma go get drunk :p Peace blades.. enjoy the day and stay high
  10. Ever think it could be a really old stash he left up there and still doesn't smoke?
    Bob marley is old and so are metal pipes...and that weed did sound dank at one point and just got old.

  11. Probably it. IT was packaged the same as I saw it last year this time..
  12. I've smoked some jamaican weed that was brown with some bloodcots lol in my brain I was like damn Reggie... Took a hit out of a coconut 'chalas' and was fucked up so some brown weed is fire and it's kinda easy to tell the difference
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    to OP: Just roll a J with his papers and his weed, and bust it out when you're with him. Hopefully he'll recognize the papers. And be like, "you're fulla shit, let's blaze" and if he sticks to the story that he doesn't blaze anymore be like "cool, I'm taking your half O"

    You'll either get your dad to admit he smokes or score some weed. Win-win.

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