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  1. hey everyone, so i recently started to dab. I got this dab but I can’t get any good hits off it.Can SOMEONE Tell Me WHAT WRONG!!!!
  2. Got a pic? Cant help u without.
  3. Yes here it is

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  4. Are you heating the banger hot enough?
  5. I don’t think I am, it’s hot enough for it to vaporize
  6. I was thinking I don’t get hits off of it cause of the angle of the banger. What do you think??
  7. Maybe that could be a possibility but my friend has a beaker style bong and his banger sits at an angle like that but we tilt the bong toward us to compensate so the banger sits more upright and we get great hits from that. I couldn’t imagine the angle playing that much of a role but it’s worth a shot.

    Also make sure you’re heating that banger up ‘til it’s glowing orange/red, give it like 10 seconds to let most of the color go away and you should be perfect.
  8. Definitely heat it up really well like Agsosa was mentioning, that banger has one of the "cores" that retain heat for a long time, so it might take longer than usual to heat up to optimal temperature. I like to heat my banger up until I can see a shade of orange, then allow it to cool off until I can hold my hand 1-2" above it comfortably.

    Also if you are looking for fatter/thicker clouds when you dab, you will need get a carb cap, which you place on top of your banger after you dab your concentrate in, then it only allows a small amount of air to get in to create the optimal temp to produce thicker vapor, and also adds a tiny amount of drag to help retain the heat in the banger so you are not cooling it off to fast by pulling too much air in over the heated glass like you would/are without one.
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