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    First a little background info: I loved my hand-carved walnut VaporGenie, but several months ago it was discovered by my parents who took it away temporarily (I'll be able to receive all of my items back upon my entrance into graduate school).

    A few weeks passed and I decided to buy a new VaporGenie. I didn't want this one to be discovered so I did not purchase it online through my credit card and instead bought it at my local head shop. They only had the mass produced models at the shop. The only one left in their stock was an ugly turquoise one. I decided to buy it anyways.

    I hated the shape of it, being bulky and weirdly shaped in comparison to the hand-carved models, and I hated the color of it so I decided to do some DIY work on it.

    Sanded the shit out of it and added some oil & bee's wax. Couldn't get all the paint out, but I think the now blue color adds a nice touch. I love the shape too! It's so slender and fits well in the hand.

    Now to the pics!

  2. thats a cool DIY touch. How do those things smoke? better than glass?
  3. Way smoother than smoking through glass. It's a vaporizer so it vaporizes the herb. The vapor is much cooler than smoke and much less irratable. I never cough on it now.

    MMM... and the taste is much richer. No tar and burnt plant matter to mask the taste. :hello:
  4. I've never hit a vapor genie, but if you could provide an explanation, it'd be great.

    A while back I was researching what vaporizer I should buy. What I know from the vapor genie is that it's one of the only vaporizers where you use a flame, like a lighter, to actually vaporize the weed. i don't understand how though.
  5. i like my vapor bros...... +rep nice customization tho.....

  6. The top part has a ceramic heat filter in it, which looks like a hard sponge. The flame's heat is sucked in through the top and the heat passes through the ceramic filter and into the bowl that is that metal part on the pipe.

    It's not as efficient as electric vaporizers, but it's close. Plus, you can take it virtually anywhere. And $55 for a quality vaporizer is a damn good deal.
  7. No picture of the thing before the DIY?
  8. what are you studying in school? i'm curious because i'm studying mechanical engineering and i wonder how it'll affect my memory and ability to learn such an intense subject when i smoke daily (nightly actually). i've been on vacation for 3 months, but i start back up on thursday.
  9. I'll be majoring in biochemistry and neurobiology, going to medical school after my undergraduate studies.

    I've only started enjoying cannabis for about a year, and have been a moderate user (once to twice a week mostly). That being said, I don't know if this will help you out, but I haven't observed any significant memory impairments that would interfere with my education.
  10. good to hear man. I'll cut back to smoking on the weekends and see how that works out.
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    This isn't mine, but it looked similar to this (green was turquoise though). Much more pronounced curves and much thicker than what mine is now. Pictures don't do it much justice, but you can tell how much was sanded off by looking at the top piece.

    With more subtle curves, it looks more like a legitimate "tobacco" pipe.
  12. Looks cool man, I've been meaning to pick one of these up, but I keep picking up new glass. :bongin:

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