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  1. Hey everyone,

    First time growing and I decided to build my own grow box. I have done a lot of research on here and other forums and I think I have come up with a unique design. Stealth is pretty important to me so I decided to convert a wooden filing cabinet. I started by disassembling the drawers and putting just the doors back. I took the back off and made it into a door. Added L shape PVC to the border as well as weather seal to trap light in. Added magnets to secure the door shut/stop light leaks. Painted it all white.
    Added a small PVC pipe extension to the fan so it blows out of the cabinet and drilled some holes in a PVC cap to seal it from the outside.

    At the top I have a 4" carbon filter with a centrifugal fan connected to a fan speed controller.
    Below that is 350w dimmable viparspectra with adjustable hangers.
    At the bottom is the intake fan with ducting as a light trap. Also a mini oscillating fan for air circulation

    I have also made a scrog net with pvc so I plan to grow 1 plant at a time
    Dimensions between the bottom of the cabinet and the light are 17"x16"x43" so I don't have too much space but I plan to grow autos.

    So that's it, I think it turned out pretty well and I'm happy with it, just have to wait and see how it can grow!

    1.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg 4.jpg 5.jpg
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  2. Wheres the camera to watch them in stealth!
  3. Sweet! I grow stealth myself and love creative ideas. I do however have some useful tips that I will share tomorrow (leaving work now) has to do with plant size management....

    Believe me, you're gonna need it!

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  4. Haha I was thinking about getting an IP Cam but it's probably not necessary really, already blown the budget haha

    Thanks, any tips would be great! I originally planned to have a bit more vertical space but the carbon filter was bigger than expected so I will definitely need to train a bit.
    I have some northern lights auto seeds which aren't supposed to grow too big so we'll see.
    I'll start growing after Christmas when I get a big more time freed up!
  5. Subbed for the show. Always gotta love a DIY cab
  6. Yes, the lack of vertical space is going to be a problem. Been there, done that.

    So after converting to metric, I see that my micro grow space had 63" height. That's 20" more vertical space than yours. Width and depth is 16."

    I trained and got the canopy flat in veg (pic#1) When it started the stretch into flower, It had already reached the minimum distance from my light so I moved her to the flower tent.

    I use the small tent for seedlings and vegging and the larger tent on the left for flower (pic#2)

    I'm not saying your setup won't work. Just saying you'll really need to be on top of things as far as plant size. Especially vertical.

    Seedlings and young veg are also very susceptible to light toxicity. Start with either slightly dimmed or the light positioned high. If the seedlings start stretching, turn up the light or lower it.

    Good luck and keep us updated after you start!

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  7. Thanks for the advice! Nice setup too
    I have done a lot of reading but will have to reread a lot when it comes time to grow. I tried to make the cabinet so it will work from seed to flower.
    I have a 20cm pot to grow, do you think using a smaller pot will do a good job at limiting the plant height?
    I am only growing for personal use so I'm not too concerned about the yield but at the same time I would obviously like to maximise the yield for the space I have
  8. I've read that topping may not be best for autos but still doable. If you have had experience, when would you top NL auto?
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  9. A single top on an auto is doable but lst is the way to go so you dont lose that week (approx) of growth in veg.
  10. I top my NL autos at the 5th node, if you feed silica there will be little to no stunting.

    Lamb's Breath Auto Evolution

    Lamb's Breath Auto Evolution
  11. Definitely. A lower pot but with enough circumference for a good amount of soil is also a good trick to gain some height.

    LST or top if you want. Topping is not going to slow down a healthy plant very much. Just keep it as low as possible.

    It will all work out

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  12. Thanks, sounds good!
    I will probably use the pot I have now and do a combo of tie down LST and using my scrog net for my first grow and try topping if necessary next time
    Going to start growing just after Christmas, can't wait
  13. nice setup

    what is the white 4" (or maybe 6") fan pointing at in the 3rd and 4th pic? is that just a black pot, or an intake with a pc fan?
  14. The mini oscillating fan is just pointing at a pot with a few things in it including an extra PC fan that I haven't used. I have since changed that with a new pot that I have customised to help with LST, I'll post some pics in a couple of days.
    The intake is a PC fan in the second photo. It has the silver ducting on the other side which is for a light trap, but I'm going to make a new light trap as the ducting takes up too much space
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  15. Looks good. You should have plenty of room if you scrog. I've been doing small cabinet grows for a minute. Check out my old thread.

    Water cooled, Driverless COB closet grow

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  16. Yeah I figured that since people do PC grows and grows with much smaller cabinets I should have enough room with LST haha
    That water cooler looks pretty advanced, well done!

    Looks good, hopefully the more modern viparspectra is similar to the old advanced LEDs but I have seen plenty of good grows with them anyway
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    I have added a couple of 2700k CFLs to help with seedling stage and for flowering since I've heard the viparspectra lacks the 2700k range a bit

    I also cut out and cable tied some plastic board thing and put small holes so I can tie down LST the stems when they get longer than where the pot is

    I also made a new light trap for the intake since the other one was way too big when the door was closed

    ALSO FOR ANYONE READING I am currently germinating my seed, I soaked it in water for a bit over a day then put it in paper towel. It has its white root out about 1mm, should I wait a little longer or is that good enough to plant?
  18. Thanks. The viparspectra looks very similar to the advanced LED. Maybe better. As I recall the advanced uses 3w LEDs and the viparspectra uses 5w. I don't think they even made 5w diodes when I bought it.

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