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  1. Hey, everyone. Well, I've started growing 6 bagseed plants, and on the way I have the following seeds: 11 Tiki Seedbank mixed pack, 10 Nirvana AK48, and 10 Mandala Hashberry. I will be growing some indoors in this closet and some at an outdoor plot.

    My setup seems to be okay, but I'm having a little bit of trouble with the bagseed plants right now. One of them looks like it's about to die, and some of the others are curling/yellowing. They are under a 400watt hps about 2 to 2.5 feet away. I had them a bit too close before and this is what caused them to be how they are now. I want to keep as many of them alive as I can, so I'd like some advice from you guys. Help me out.

    If I need to I can go take them outside to a secure place where I'm planning some outdoor grows for later this summer to help them recover. I'm worried it might just be too damn hot in the closet. The fan is on high and right by the bulb and it put a small blue trash can in there filled with water to hopefully keep it from getting too dry in there. The worst plant is shown at the end, its whole first leaves have gone yellow, and only about half of the next pair are still green. Do you think it can survive or is it pretty much a goner? The others all look decent, but I can see a bit of yellowing and curled tips, so I'm a little worried. Any suggestions/advice/help is appreciated. This whole set up is my first time using the damn 400w HPS and I'm trying to combat the heat.

    Should I lower them even further to the floor maybe? ...That'd be about 4 feet away from the light. Or should I take them outside for a few days? I hope if I save them now that they will be able to take the heat a bit better once they are more established and have more vegetation. What do you guys think I should do?

    The light:

    The light with reflecting material up:

    The fan:

    Basic setup... you can see the water in the blue bucket in the corner:

    Closer view of the same thing:

    Close up of the worst plant:

    Close up of the plants on the left:

    Close up of the plants in the middle (The one on top is the worst of them all):

    Close up of the plants on the right:

    Thanks, hopefully I can get things straightened out with your help and have some nice updates soon.
  2. ya, its gotta be because of the heat, the only thing i can suggest is to get them away from the HPS and under some CFL''s for at least a couple of weeks

    hope this helps,

  3. thanks, but I don't have any CFL's at the moment or I would've already done that... the cfl bulbs aren't the problem. I just don't have the desk lamps for them, I dunno maybe I'll rig something up tomorrow with normal house lamps tilted sideways balanced on something. for now I just lowered the plants all the way to the floor and set up a new container with water to hopefully keep things a little cooler. I think that the worst plant is probably going to die. I hope the rest will pull through... I'd still like some advice/help if anybody else will say anything...

    I'm still thinking about maybe just taking them outside and hope they recover under sunlight...

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