My current Minnesota grow.

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by 420kindaguy, Mar 12, 2016.

  1. My baby is 1 week old today and doing well. Pics attached
  2. No pics? How's the weather down there? I am still waiting a few weeks in canada here

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  3. Currently sprounted as of 3 weeks I'd assume that would make it 3 weeks old? I planted in some woods and to deter wildlife I piss around the area and try to leave my scent by any means....I'm waiting for it to start to grow faster but its been cloudy a lot with sun mixed in...
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  4. Hopefully it starts really growing fast like the weed it is
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  5. Odds are they will flower in another week or two.. Your a bit late and should have vegged inside for a spring run and way early for the summer..
    Seedlings need 30 days or so to mature enough to flower so they can be started May 1st outside..
    Clones are mature at any size so they flower at the drop of a hat and time matched clones should go out about June 1st..
    There are some exceptions but that's the general guidelines.. If your where it doesn't freeze like I am you can set plants out most any time at all and they'll flower all but June and July..

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  6. Did it die yet? I think you put out waay too early here buddy. It jus got down to 20 degrees the other day and it snowed. If it survived damn i want those genetics here. I dont put mine out till may or june, no earlier or later!
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  7. Its still alive
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  8. Gonna snow again this week. Memorial weekend is a good time to put it outside.
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  9. Damn. im surprized! Ive learned my lesson before putting it out too early here. Im with upnorthguy on may-june.
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  10. I hope you didn't get that 8 - 10 inches of snow last night.
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  11. Yeah a shit ton of snow hit the southern part, here in central MN we're fine but I haven't looked into growing yet, which I really want to considering I have like 60 acres of pasture land, woods and swamps.
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  12. I really wish i had that kind of land, id be so happy knowing my ladies were safe 24/7. I hate guerrilla growing but its not hard if your smart just not a guaranteed harvest:(
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  13. I'm here in minnesota too and I was looking into It and think they should go out on the 24th of April and be fine but that's just what I seen but I started mine the 1st of march so they should get pre big but I've never grown in minnesota so I don't know and any pictures of the baby one u put outside??

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  14. Wow this guy really fucked up.

    Like he sent an baby in a sail boat toward a hurricane.
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  15. Yep! I always start mine today or tmrw every year but dont put em out til may'ish.
  16. I have heard of cutting the bottom off a 2 liter bottle and setting it over the plant until it reaches the top. Kinda like a mini green house. Leave the top off so it gets air. Haven't tried it but I'm going to this year.

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  17. Wouldn't the plants be too wide???

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  18. The OP was all chipper at the beginning. Now don't hear a thing. Plant was stretching way to far.

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