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My current jar is filled with...

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by FlightCrewTU, Sep 23, 2010.

  1. Hello all, i wanted to share with you all what we got goin.
    A friend of mine got his hands on this unnamed bud that is quite hairy. We decided to call it rogaine, after the hair care product.




    It's a wonderful head high. I actually wind up doing a good amount of work when I smoke this (I have ADD, so..... it's kinda like medicine lol)

    On the opposite side I got a friend who copped some Grand Daddy Purp:


    It's hard to see the purple in it, but if you saw the RAW photo and zoomed in you could see the purple leaves. (All these were shot with a Canon EOS 7D)

    Til next time folks
  2. Lolz yea I was about to ask where the purple tint was on the GD. But that makes sense that camera wasn't able to pick it up. Nice greens tho :)
  3. Yea, I was using a zoom lens rather than a proper telephoto lens so It didn't capture all that it should. ANd it also explains why the focus on a few shots are a little off. I wish I snapped a pic when it was grinded up, but... forgot lol

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