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--My Current Hash Stash-- 2 Kinds of BHO and some Budder (MACROS)

Discussion in 'Stash Jar' started by trikky, Nov 2, 2008.

  1. Here's pictures from the new BHO run I did today, they deserved their own thread for sure.


    Here's a quick picture of some Budder I made from my Maximum 49 BHO.


    And here's a picture of the two kinds of BHO I have and some Budder I made from another BHO run I did.

    Top Left- Hawaiian Snow BHO, Middle- Maximum 49 Budder, Bottom- Mixed Headies (Durban Poison, T-Wreck, Purple Buddah, Maximum 49, Purple Princess, and some no name headies) BHO.

  2. very nice! i wish i could get stuff like that around where im at.
  3. You can. I made all of this hash myself. My tutorial for BHO is stickied at the top of Rec. Use.
  4. i have definitely got to try making some BHO, that stuff looks beautiful. it is kind of hard to do living in a dorm room but i have my methods haha:smoking::smoking:
  5. trikky you should make a "how to make budder tutorial"
  6. Expect some bho soon from me ;) you're very convincing haha....great looking hash :)
  7. yummmmmmmmm i would love to smoke on that
  8. very nice once again trikky! :eek:

    always with that sweet honey oil
  9. agreed... awesome stuff going on up there tho trikky
  10. trikky, i wish you would stop being so god damn awesome

    i picked up half of Holland Hope last night, i'll post a smoke review later tonight :)
  11. trikky do u make the budder? nvm read ur post

    btw im moving to boulder next year
  12. Looks like you got yourself a THC orgy going on in CO.:smoke:
  13. I'll add a budder tutorial to my BHO tutorial soon. It's really nothing special, though.

    You scrape up your BHO that you made, put all the BHO in one place, heat the bottom of the pyrex dish under the BHO with your blow torch. When it heats up, the BHO will start melting again, and you need to take something stainless steel (I use a dental pick from Walgreens), to "whip" the BHO until the BHO turns to a whitish/yellow color. Don't whip after it gets pasty. If it gets to powder, you've whipped it too much. It won't be as good of a product.

    Let me tell you folks this:

    Despite what you may have read or been told, "budder" is no more potent than the BHO it was made from. It's not "99% pure THC." That was a lie told by the "Budder King" to sell his product. Total fucking bullshit.
  14. Seen better
  15. yeah ... but bho has a super high thc purity anyways ... much more so then hash.
  16. LOL. That's pretty great.
  17. looks dank.
    so budder is just an easier to handle form of bho? i see
  18. Pretty much, yeah.

    The only problem is you sacrifice taste a little. When you whip it around, turpenes get released, thus diminishing flavor.
  19. BHO is hash. Butane Hash Oil or Butane Honey Oil. Either way, it's an extract.

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