My crappy night

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by willy_nelson, Jun 20, 2004.

  1. I understand that the last thing you guys need is someone complaining but here goes.

    So last night I grab my spoon and go hang out with my two best buds Mike and Ryan. So Ryan grabs the last of his stash and we go hang out at our favorite smokin spot, a baseball field thats abandoned at night except for stoners. So we passing around the pipe and go through 4-5 bowls and then this cop pulls up to the street stops and gets out. So I panic drop the bud and we all get the fuck out of there.

    We come back maybe an hour later to retrieve the weed, probably about 2 dubs left. And its gone nowhere to be found! We looked for like 20 minutes and it was gone. I think another group of stoners came and found it. So after Ryan bitches to me we go hang out with some chicks and while im walking my only piece (a glass spoon) falls out of my pocket and shatters into a million pieces. Unfixable!!!

    Ontop of that I'm completely dry and my only contact is this real shady guy thats been to jail. And last time I bought from him I got laced bud.

    Sucks... Send some karma my way people.
  2. Wow, that suxs. No bud, broken pipe, lost weed. Not a good night for you heres some karma your way K+ :) hopefully you'll have some better toking experience in the future.
  3. it only gets better :D
    toke on :smoke:

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  4. broken pipe, lost green, and cops....i think ill find another smoking place. o.0

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