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my cousin's pregnant again...

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by NativeSoundz, Dec 31, 2012.

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    i should have learned the first time, damn i need to get over my fear of condoms


    hahahahahahahaa....i kid i kid, but for real she's prego, again. she had the 1st one at 16, now shes a bit older (27 i think). her age isnt the problem...its just weird cuz no ones really met the dad before but they're getting married now.

    hmmmmm, im starting to wonder why any of you would care about this....
  2. yea no one cares but thats pretty cool she grew up and did what she had to do for her first kid before she had a 2nd at 27 and not 17
  3. Shes 27 man....thats pretty normal, I think she knows how to raise a kid now especially sine she had one when she was 16 hah.
  4. 27 and only 2 kids!? what the fuck was she doin as a teen, gettin an education or some bullshit?
  5. Well unless she is some shit hook meth freak! MOZEL TOV!
  6. Omg she sounds so sexy!
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    tell her to name it ghostonvacation
  8. She should force the 11 year old to eat the newborn. I have a friend who's hamster ate one of its babies. I got a hamster but for some reason she won't get pregnant.
  9. lawlz reminded me of this

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  10. :laughing:
  11. Haha that movie was surprisingly good. I went to go see it with a friend and she kept telling me it wasn't a chick flick and I wouldn't believe it. Ended up loling more than her
  12. i know right?? my friend forced me and our other friend to go see it with her and i laughed a lot more than i thought i would lol.

  13. Tell her to name it YummyBud
  14. im not saying its abnormal for her to have a kid at 27.

    its just weird that UNTIL she announced it, no one even knew she had a bf, and now shes getting married/pregnant

  15. Well of course your hamster won't get pregnant, you have to fuck it FIRST :rolleyes:
    I heard they do that in china (make the older kid eat the newborn):eek:
  16. sounds like a good time
  17. story would've been better if incest was involved

  18. right?

  19. :eek: Woe, dude I was just kidding :hide:

  20. fuck, i guess that makes this a little awkward then...either way, you're still invited

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