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My cops are gone!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by StickyIkyMarley, Sep 28, 2010.

  1. :hello: Ok so Friday my towns police force shut down and pretty much went over to the county... Everytime I have dealt with the city cops all they have done is hassle me for standing around. Anyone have a situation like this? and if so what is it like?

  2. Ha our situation was alittle different. We laid off many officers, then the forces of 3 neighboring cities banded together to make one force. It actually isn't too bad considering the amount of officers laid off. Now we have the same amount of cops as before, but they patrol 3 cities.
  3. omg omg

    go run down the middle of your street naked!

    then sit ur ass on someones windshield. o yaee

    and lots of whores of craiglist!

    haha j/k take it easy
  4. man no but i used to live in a suburb with a total of two cops one who smoked weed and the other was always up the street trying to get pussy lmao.
  5. Your lucky, in my town we have about 2 cops on every street.
  6. In my little town theres way to many cops. There down with weed usually though considering its a tourist town and everyone on the island smokes. However i liked my cops in huntsville for keeping people from breaking into my house, car, holding up whatever store I was at. Cops aren't all bad. The marijuana laws need to change, because in countries without police, a terrorist group controls the area. I hate dirty cops though.
  7. My town is full of dirty cops, they search your car and make up their "probable cause" after they find shit on you. It pisses me off since they always get away with it.
    Fucking douche bag cops.
  8. I understand but I got into a fist fight a few years ago with a punk from my school and 6 cop cars/trucks came out... No joke I think a few county officers can deal with that
  9. I heard theres like 80 cops in my small town.


    Police stateeeeee....... :hide:
  10. No police force in my town. :) it's left to the county and the troopers. Which avoid our town cause it's so boring. But the town like 2 miles from my house is full of douche cops who get off on fucking with teenagers.
  11. Right? last year i got caught with my dealer smokin a blunt they called in 7 patrol cars for 2 guys, never located our weed though but made a huge 2 hour long bullshit situation
  12. ya same thing in my county in michigan. They are called Law Net i believe, butsted all the dealers then left

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