My cop story(Almost caught with 20 grams)

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  1. Hey everyone this story is about how I got searched and interrogated by the police with 20 grams in my backpack and after I was ripped off multiple bowls.

    This was back in high school when my friends and I would walk over to this enclosed neighborhood right next to the school to go burn.

    On this particular day we happened to be passing around a bowl of strawberry weed that this new guy brought( The weed smelled, tasted and when smoked tasted like strawberrys- we thought it was fake but who knows ). We seshed behind a set of houses like we normally do (this is where our cockiness for public smoking got the best of us).

    After a bit of people started to leave we decided to sit on the curb and pass around a bowl before lunch ended.:cool:

    I was just lighting the bowl when these 2 police cruisers creeped around the corner. I dropped the bowl nonchalantly and noticed that the weed in the bowl fell out, thank god...

    The main problem I had was at the moment I had about 20 grams of high grade weed in my backpack (I was going to be smoking AFTER school and was going to sell my buddy some). At the begining of the confrontation no one said a word but I knew if I didn't speak up then they might be able to search my backpack(I wasn't sure of my rights back then...) I then began bullshiting about how we got the pipe from a younger student back at our school but none of us knew his name(I said we think it was "Chris" but we didn't really know him because he was younger and we knew his older brother who left our school this year).

    The funny thing about these cops were they were not very tough looking and it could even be said that one on one, without a badge and a gun, we could have rearranged these pussies faces no problem. After getting everybody's names and finding that none of us had any previous crimes they asked us "is there was anything in your backpacks you should show me?"


    THis is where I was glad to know my rights and calmly said I had nothing worth hiding in my back pack. He said to open which ever pockets i felt neccesary and I opened the largest zipper. I looked down and noticed a pack of king sized grape flavored rolling papers and moved my books infront of it pretending to part them to reviel that my bag was clean. I opened the other two zippers that didnt have anything in and when he said it was cool, I sir theres
    even said "Oh still this one?" he said it was cool and we went on our way.

    Now during this ordeal I was literaly sharting my fucking pants because I kept playing out images of me being arrested for dealing charges cause of how much there was and shit. Scariest day of my life for sure. Needless to say afterwards I spent the rest of the day stunned that I had just talked my way out of getting arrested and shit.

    The one cop who was chill was telling us how he knows we were just getting high and having fun and shit but we have to be "respectful" to people's property. After that we stopped smoking around there but now we just walk over to my buddies house and hit his double perculator.

    Too long didnt read: Smoking bowl while cops pulled around the corner, had 20 grams in my backpack, talked my way out of getting arrested, and got my backpack searched but they didnt find the bag of weed.


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