My Conspiracy Theory Theory

Discussion in 'General' started by Switch, May 12, 2003.

  1. Conspiracy theories, government murders etc, if all these murders took place why aren't more people being topped because of their conspiracy theories. No doubt all this type of shit DOES go down around the world but if any of the SPECIFIC stories were right, doncha think the governments would have murdered the narrators of said stories?

    I reckon that either:

    1) All of the BIG conspiracies that we think we know about are all just the LITTLE ones that the govmnts of the world don't mind us knowing cos they are just thanking their lucky stars we haven't found out about the big nasty ones.


    2) Every conspiracy theory is false and all of the true ones never make it far (apart from a few by sheer luck) because their creators are instantly silenced.

    Well we'll see if this is true, if it is: this post'll be deleted and I'll be dead inside a week ;-)
  2. Disinformation is preavlent, if the public knew half the truth there's be a revolution.

  3. a little bit of "1)" and a little bit of "that would raise further susspicions and produce cause for revolt"

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