My computer just got a really 'gay' hack.

Discussion in 'General' started by Subliminal Jazz, Aug 12, 2008.

  1. So I have a few questions that really stumped me...big time...

    I was on this website not even 10 minutes ago looking at pics of dank talking on the phone with my dealer, all of the sudden 1,000's upon 1,000's of gay porn pictures keep opening up with a looping sound "Hey everybody I'm looking at gay porno!!" I tried turning off my comp, but no avail...By this point I'm just laughing so fuckin hard because it was so sudden and my dealer was all like "what the fuck? gay porno?"

    So anyways, I reset my comp.

    Any ideas what the FUCK just happened?
  2. You must have done something to anger the King of the Internet
  3. By god...

    This was worse then I thought.
  4. It was just that Hithere guy, hes banned now.
  5. ad=ware..

    the evil of the internet..

    plus..if u dont want people to know ure gay..quite llooking at gay porn

  6. lol. This is the third thread on this issue.
  7. Hahaha... this same exact thing happened to me about 4 or 5 years ago.... it was a link that one of my friends sent me as a joke. As soon as I clicked on it, probably close to 100 internet browsers popped up with gay porn, and sure enough through the speakers it said loudly and repeatedly "Hey everybody! I'm looking at gay porn!" The bad part was my speakers were turned way way up. I don't think it was a virus in my case. Just a link to fuck with people.
  8. Haha so this guy managed to fuck with a lot of people? Thats pretty funny!
  9. My fucking browser started having a seisure and japanese cartoon porn shits were popping up everywhere. Thank god my sound was turned off because I have Gigantic 5.1 speakers that are always cranked up playing music.
  10. I got really fucked up shit I dont wanna talk about it right now:mad:
  11. I thought the woman sucking puke penis was hot
  12. Haha I remember when I used to do shit like that. I'd make pop ups of granny and fat women porn pop up on peoples computers, open and close cd drivers, turn their monitors on and off, and if they were talking to their friends I'd make them say really mean shit to them. Plus a whole giant list of other stuff. If I felt like being a real asshole I'd just destroy their computer altogether. Good times. A bit sadistic, but it was fun.

  13. Yeah man me to. Like fuck this guy cause the pictures I saw were really disturbing. First of all I am high as fuck and all of a sudden a picture of like an old mand dick and torso covered in muddy SHIT. Shit as in fecal COVERED...this continued to pop up like 50 times. Then i saw like a dead baby thing that was like bloddy and its eyes were fucked up. All the while a voice screaming "Oh my God" in the background and
    ""Breaking news...bad things will happen"

    Then some other really fucked up pics.
    It was freaky

  14. Sub7?
  15. Haha Sub7 was the shit.. there were a few others like it too. I remember some kid hacked my computer with it in middle school so I hacked him back and totally fucked all his shit up.
  16. you know how i know your gay.........


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