My completed bubbler with new Luke Wilson bowl (hi-res pics)

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  1. Many of you may have seen my piece posted previously, as I have taken pictures of it every time I buy a new add-on for it. I believe I am finally satisfied with this piece after adding things to it. My most recent purchase was a new Luke Wilson bowl and a no name downstem so the bowl would fit.

    If you have never seen/used one of these Luke Wilson bowls they are truly amazing. The one pictured below is an 18mm bowl with a built in screen. It provides a huge rip because the bottom is completely open except for the screen, it allows for massive airflow and has a huge pack on it; it takes very little effort to hit this piece. The screen works very well, hardly anything ever falls through.

    I purchased the new bowl and downstem on 4/20 but just got around to taking pictures of it.

    The complete setup:
    Main bub: $175 purchased from 42º in Ann Arbor. I forgot the blower's name but he is local to Ann Arbor. 14mm joint
    Ashcatch: $60 purchased from a street vendor at Hash Bash 2009, the part that connects to the bubbler is 14mm but the top opening is 18mm. Also included a 14mm downstem and bowl (not pictured here)
    Bowl: $28 (after my 20% 4/20 discount) purchased from 42º in Ann Arbor, blown by Luke Wilson. 18mm
    Downstem: $12 purchased from Foggy Bottom Bayou in Ann Arbor, I am assuming it is a catalog piece. 18mm

    I am content with the price I paid for everything but I am curious as to what everyone else thinks.

    On to the pictures:

    Comments are welcome and appreciated.
  2. Slick man. I'd be curious to try a slide like that.
  3. Nice pickups. 42 Degrees is the shit.
  4. L.W. dd slides are like doing 80 the whole way in the car pool lane-:)
  5. Sweeeetness :]
    I'd dirty that baby up with ya
  6. Is anybody else noticing how jacked up that slide looks? The top is all crooked from the side, it isn't round from the top, the meeting point of the pinches is too large, the handle is funky, and the welds look like crap (though that could be lighting to some extent)

    Not trying to talk shit, but I would put money on that being fake. Should really look at your glass before you buy it, and never buy something just because the sticker says luke wilson.... Fuck luke wilson.

    Regardless, i'm sure it functions great.

  7. I believe its the angles that the person took the picture of that makes it look like that.

    As in one picture the slide look TOO close to where you put your head at AKA burn ya face off. BUT OF COURSE its not like that.

    Name brand or not, that shit looks funky and in a good way.:smoking:
  8. I'm glad everyone likes it. I know for a fact it's not a fake 42º always has quality stuff and carries a wide selection of Luke Wilson.

    BlackFlaggin: You can actually rotate the ashcatch on the bubbler and since it is at an angle it places the slide somewhere different; this makes it very easy for someone to adjust it to how they like it very easily.
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    Daslurk works with Luke Wilson and he didn't comment about it looking fake...
  10. when i saw that slide i thought it looked pretty bad too and then i compared it with pictures on ALT and they look basically the same so id say its legit.
  11. who would put the time and effort to make a fake dd slide. if anything its made by ben wilson. i have the smae one and although it does look a little cleaner with the welds then this one, it is the best slide i own
  12. It should be by Luke not Ben. Those slides have been sitting in 42 for a long time.
  13. I would be careful with that.

    One slip and bam you just lost 200$
  14. It would take more than that most likely. It's not a W* lol.
  15. Yea I have been eyeing it for a while now I finally decided to buy it on 4/20. I must say I am extremely happy with it.

    Oh I am careful, it is pretty durable though I have knocked it over once or twice but never dropped it. So far it has held strong. The only issue is some people get confused by it if they have never used a nice piece before so they try to grab it by the ac when you pass it. So I make sure they have a firm grip, and are holding the actual bubbler before I let it go.
  16. Fly lookin' bubbler man. One word, Classy.
  17. I'd love to hit that thing. I would maybe consider some K clips though.
  18. Would a k clip fit on this one? The downstem is a pretty cheap one, nothing special.
  19. I now realize the only hole in my collection . . . a super heady scientific triple bubbler. . . now I have to have one for sure :devious: no but seriously that piece is DOPE
  20. If you get the correct sizes, they definitely should. I, personally, wouldn't feel good about not having them. I can't count the number of times that we'd change out the head on the Helix and forget the K clip, only to have it fall off. (Luckily this was onto well padded carpet or a couch.)

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