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My college assignment can be about anything should I do it about weed?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by GenesisBro, Oct 12, 2014.

  1. I have a college assignment that takes 5 months to do and this is just a thought should I do about weed? The effects it gives and why it should be legalised? It can be about Anything. No rules they said

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  2. I would do it on hemp.
  3. You need a copy of Granny Storm Crow's List" if you are going to do your paper on cannabis!  I have already done all the hunting down of sources, so take advantage of it! You can get a free copy by PMing me your email, or by emailing me- my email address is in my sig.
    Since no one likes "buying a pig in a poke" (that means buying something sight unseen- a "poke" is a big sack) here is a sample from my List. And since it is national Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I'll just show you a small bit from the "CANCER - BREAST" section....
    Antitumor Activity of Plant Cannabinoids with Emphasis on the Effect of Cannabidiol on Human Breast Carcinoma       (full - 2006)
    9-Tetrahydrocannabinol Inhibits Cell Cycle Progression in Human Breast Cancer through Cdc2 Regulation       (full - 2006)
    Cannabinoids As Cancer Hope      (article - 2006)
    Anandamide inhibits adhesion and migration of breast cancer cells.      (abst - 2006)
    Cannabidiol inhibits tumour growth in leukaemia and breast cancer in animal studies      (news - 2006)
    A combination of THC and prochlorperazine effective in reducing vomiting in women following breast surgery         (news - 2006)
    Cannabidiol Dramatically Inhibits Breast Cancer Cell Growth       (news - 2006)
    Cannabidiol as a novel inhibitor of Id-1 gene expression in aggressive breast cancer cells.    
    (full - 2007)       
    Cannabis compound 'halts cancer'         (news - 2007)
    Cannabis compound stops spread of breast cancer: researchers            (news - 2007)
    Medical Marijuana Treatment For Metastatic Breast Cancer Patients
    (news - 2007)
    Cannabidiol may be helpful in reducing the aggressiveness of breast cancer cells
    (news - 2007)
    Cannabis Compound May Stop Metastatic Breast Cancer         (news - 2007)
    Marijuana Compound Shows Promise In Fighting Breast Cancer      (news - 2007)
    Cannabis compound may stop the spread of breast cancer cells        (news - 2007)
    The July 2014 version of my List has over 1,450 pages of links. If you can't get an "A+" paper out of it, it ain't MY fault!     :laughing:
    You may want to consider cannabis and breast cancer, or CBD and epilepsy, as your topic.
    Hope to hear from you soon!
  4. I did a project on "Medical Cannabis" for one of my classes and everyone enjoyed it, including my teacher. I'd say go for it, people should be educated on it
  5. You'll have to make it really good and have unique points of focus, maybe some hands on experimentation ;) ;)
    But for real man, teachers and professors have all seen it 1000 times before you, so make it unique and interesting to them.
  6. Make it unique. A lot of professors I've had would straight out say "no abortion or cannabis papers, I'm just sick of them."

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  7. Yup same here
  8. Thatd be super fun! I did a thesis all about cannabis and liked it a lot. Id just run it by your professor and see what he thinks first just to be safe.

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  9. Do it, but don't use all of the annoying facts that stoners already recite
    "0 people have died from weed"
    "alcohol and tobbacco kill [insert large number here] people every year"
    You should make it more about personal freedom and liberty than the effects on a person, otherwise you are just tuning people out who have already made up their mind that it's bad. 
  10. i would not. you want to do a paper on something your teacher knows little about and does not have a strong opinion on. cannabis is not one of those things. 
  11. do it on the hypocrisy of the government saying its schedule 1 with no medical applications but owns patients on some of its medical applications..then use granny's list and the emperor wears no clothes to show they're full of shit and end with the fact its being re evaluated now since lots of ppl probably dont know could also talk about your local norml chapter and ho to get people involved
    here's granny's list (I post it everywhere thanks granny!) with an index at the bottom and jack herer's book

  12. "The Culture High". New documentary on the fallacy of prohibition. Lots of information in there.
  13. Take Granny Storm Crow's advice

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  14. I mean, you can, but it can't just be about why you think it should be legalized. For a college paper, youre argument has to be rock solid. Whether you're writing about why it should be legalized, or how it is healthier than alcohol.

    Besides, the only kids who ever did papers on weed were the douchebags trying to look cool. Also, you asked a forum of cannabis enthusiasts if you should write a paper on weed. So..yea
  15. Like stated above Id say write about hemp. We just now are able to grow it in some places after many years of importing millions of dollars worth of it.
  16. Think of it this way.. Do you want to do your presentation stoned or not?

    Now practice, and don't forget to exhale 😄
  17. If you want to be that cliche new stoner freshman in college, go for it
  18. Do it about legos...everyone loves legos...

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