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  1. This is the gear i use to toke with, give me your opinion

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  2. ::lights bong::
  3. Sweet collection. I really dig that bong ya got. The post it note in the back ground made me laugh. My ex used to leave notes like that all oover the place. :smoking:
  4. That's a pretty nice high end metal grinder you have.
  5. Thank you, i just pulled the bigger one outta storage, the stem was broken but i bought a diffused one.

    I like it but my wooden one is my fav. Thanks for the comments.
  6. If I were you I would get rid of the 2 china bongs and spoons and just get a sick bong. Even if you got a diffused downstem for it, gettin some nice glass def makes a difference over china glass grommet
  7. nice clean collection:hello:
  8. yea, ive had these for a long time, i also just discovered these luxury bongs lol, i saw one with 4 tree lol

    thanks man
  9. And a bump,two, three!!!
  10. Nice collection, I'd get rid of the white lighter if I were you though.

  11. It was already out in that pic i believe, or shortly after.

    Whats up with the white lighter ju-ju? Ive heard that shit around my area too.
    personally i dont believe in bad luck, though i do believe in karma, which in turn can give u bad luck, if u wanna look at it like that...whoa, ramble ramble
  12. nice collection. and i hope you werent wondering why no one was posting after you posted the was 4 in the morning lol
  13. the time on this site and the time where i live is waaaaaaaaaaaay different....or i just smoked all day and all night and didnt realize OR space creatures disrupted the flow of time with high powered electro magnets and skewered the path of time...but i think it was the first one
  14. Just wanted to let you know "you're the best boyfriend in the world" lol
  15. lol yea
  16. look at my stuff! i know its not high end stuff but they do me good:smoke:

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