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  1. sell the whole collection and use the cash to buy a glass bong
  2. Why would he do this? He already has two bongs and a few pipes. You gotta love a variety of things to smoke out of. Good collection. I really like that black bong you have.
  3. cuz if he sold it all and scraped a few extra bucks together, he could get a sicc GonG
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    Acrylic are amazing as long as people clean them and they don't end up smelling like shit. Good for people that just want to toss their bong under their bed or something when they're done. Sometimes people don't want one expensive one, they all get the job done.
    Nice collection man I like the black bong and the glass piece to the right of the metal pipe.
    I'd post mine but no camera, got to cheap glass bongs and a spoon. Used to have a metal pipe like the one you have but lost it somewhere..:confused:

  5. Thanks broo i love the black one always seems to get me ripped perfectly and the bears are see through so you can watch the smoke adn the glass piece u mentioned is left handed great when your with a group of ppl and you can basically watch the confusion of people trying to figure out whats goin on lol
  6. pahah couldn't do that bro i got money lol its all about havein options lol but ill have a dope ass glass peice after college this summer im getting my own crib
  7. that's sicc there's a reason for all of em. I thought the bear one was ceramic but it looks dope. if you've got sentimental value on them, then that's cool, worth more then any roor.
  8. that black monkey bong is tight
  9. hahah I hate left handed pipes when im baked, I don't realize they are left handed and I end up looking retarded trying to twist my hand into the right position to use it normally. But then I realized you can use your ring finger to support the bottom of the bowl and use your thumb to manage the carb :hello:

  10. actully its the greatful dead bears i named it little bear i kno some of yall remember that show form nick jr like 10 years ago?

  11. you kno bro you might be right it could be ceramic hmm i unno really how to tell the difference im kinda new to all this lol but whats a good way to tell? its like really thick and on the insideits slick thats why i thought it was glass
  12. Im in love with your red piece, there's something so original about it. Idk why.

  13. thanks bro believe it or not i got it for 8 bucks lol alls i wanted was the stem and slider smoked outta it once and fell in love bout to get some clear pipe and connecters and make it taller cuz when u hit it your close as fuck to the lighter :/
  14. pierce the veil is horrible

  15. didn't ask you to listin to them...
  16. i'd almost almost guarantee it's ceramic just by looking at it. that or metal. but if the inside's smooth probably ceramic. glass is almost always opaque

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