My Collection (Sick Rasta Pipe, Bong, ect.)

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    What Do You Think? :smoke:



  2. You have very dirty carpet
  3. How does resin only accumulate on the top of a bong???
  4. I like the rasta piece and the one on the left. The bongs aaaiiiigggghhhhttt. Is that downstem diffused?
  5. The rasta piece reminds me of an anal bead dildo
  6. I love the bowl with white stripes on it.

    Edit: i lold when i read the last guys postabout the anal bead dildo hahaha
  7. [quote name='"themtharhillzzz"']The rasta piece reminds me of an anal bead dildo[/quote]

  8. This thread is hilarious.. the first few replies are priceless.

    I have a similar bong though, really like the blue/clear color scheme.
  9. The "rasta piece" needs to be mine ASAP. I could do without the others.

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