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    The Bong was 40$, The bubbler was 36$, The grinder was 12$. Im not sure how much the bowl was, its old. :)
    The bubbler has a down stem and sorry for the shitty cell phone pictures.

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  2. sick spoon on the end
  3. I got everything at the flea market, except the spoon I got at some headshop.
    The bong is really thick, they guy said it was 4 blown.
  4. diggin the bubbler
  5. Nice pieces man:smoke:

    Oh and yankees suck. I'm from Mass. sorry i had to say it.:wave:
  6. Them's fightin words :devious:

    Nice pick up OP
  7. I don't even like baseball ha, I jacked it from some gay kid.
  8. Props on the lighter. Yanks are dank. Number 27 coming home this year. Believe it.
  9. nice little collection there
  10. nice..not worth taking pictures of tho
  11. ive gotten 2 bubblers from flea markets and a bunch of lighters for real cheap!
    there a good place to find things cheap and bargin them lower.
  12. How much was the lighter?

  13. can i ask you why you are asking that? its a lighter it was probably $1.50 or something..why do u care

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