My collection, micro, tubes, and accessories.

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  1. My custom micro (with accessories) from Phil Siegel x Revere. I have been talking to Bigpizzle and I will be getting this electroformed before the first of the year.


    And all of these except the larger HVY (second from the left) are mine, sorry they're dirty.


    And for the milk lovers...

  2. Aw, no love? Bump.
  3. Damn sick collection dude I really like the toro
  4. Nice pipes! That bong is a beast. Bet the Toro is fun too.
  5. Lol tyvm, that was actually my first name brand piece, I've had it for probably like 2 years now, its treated me well. I still plan to get a toro AC for it eventually
  6. Shameless self bump :p
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    Dont know why but I cant edit, here is a better pic of the Olympic and its big brother, my newest piece.

    And here is a milk vid of the big one, sorry for the poor quality.
  8. hahaha JMS has those same two olympic tubes. bet they RIP.

  9. yeah he does haha, I got the small one off his recommendation, then the helix because I was blown away by the quality and videos they posted on their facebook, and yeah, the stem to helix especially :bongin: lol
  10. New dome by Jester here.
  11. ^sick dome. and nice collection all around, seems outfitted for almost any type of smoking session
  12. Thanks! Jester is actually an old friend of mine that I lost contact with and basically found unintentionally by chance lol. But yeah, my friend and I try to stay on top of our game lol. I'm super excited to send out the micro for forming, Pizzle has been posting some awesome lookin work, Jester had a toro micro done up by him and pics really didn't do it justice, it looked so amazing.
  13. Holy, man... Is that a rainbow joint on that one slide? Can you post more pics of that? +rep for an unreal collection.
  14. Lol, yeah my slide with handformed joint, I'll post some more pics of it tomorrow! glad you like it, thanks for the rep and kind words :)
  15. No problem, dude. There had better be pics when you get your stemless back from bigpizzle. His electro work is unreal, I saw a piece in Liquid Chrome in Barrie that had apparently been electro'd by him... words couldn't describe.
  16. oh you know there will be PLENTY of pictures lol, but yeah, apparently hes really only been at it for like a year too, hes come a long way in that year if you ask me. for anyone who may be wondering
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    Nice collection you've got there weshowly. I can't tell from the picture, what are the details on the Toro? Any perc there?
  18. Yeah sorry, I gotta take better pics of all of em, its got a disc perc in there
  19. Do people actually make tiny ice cubes for the bongs that have a tiny mouth tube? My favorite out of the first post is the HVY that's nice.
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    Strangely yeah, my friends cousin only filled up his ice cube tray like a fraction of the way and he doesn't smoke, it was weird.

    But normally I don't throw ice in there, if I feel the need to I just run em under the water real fast

    EDIT: which HVY do you like? the skinny neck one or bigger clear one?

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