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    Ok I have been planning on posting this for sometime now. I ordered my bong off of this site a few years ago, with my roommate. I wanted just the regular bamboo only bong but I guess grasscity new I wanted the agung coconut bamboo bong. I was still happy. After a few weeks of use though it started leaking though a knot on the wood base. Primarily because agung choped the top and bottom and then split the coconut. So I drilled out the knot and shoved a dowel rod in it and sealed it with some strawberry candle wax cause I was high and thats what I had. About a year later the top started haveing a air leak (I think I have plenty of experience to say that you cannot 100% secure bamboo to coconut so dont pick it up by the bamboo) So it was good for a while and started leaking out the base again between the wooden base and the coconut. So I encased the bottom in two part epoxy and laquer, took forever to dry and still freakin leaked. The old bong. Couldnt find a picture except this one and its not linking right but here it is


    So I took it down to special occasion only. Then a couple of months ago I found the biggest coconut ever at the grocery sto. So I took a dremel to the top and then cut some slits in the white meat and put it inthe fridge. About 3 days later thoughs slits turned into grooves and with a skrewdriver, spoon and my hands I got all the meant out and laquered the out side. Did some water holding tests and from what I can see coconut with a intact bottom does not leak at all (GC needs to tell agung this lol) I did put a wax coating on the inside again however just to be save. So with out futher ado my new hybrid ME and agung bong.


    If this gets much support, the next time I find a good coconut ill post a picture tutorial
  2. Still need to find a good base for it and tie it to the base. Also cover up the seals
  3. alright im going to bump this for us late nighters, and then it will DIE
  4. That's not bad man. reps fo sho.
  5. :eek:
    +rep for sure
  6. Man thanks guys, I was starting to think nobody like it :D
  7. Oh I forgot...if you havent smoked regs out of a wooden bong, then you dont know what your missing. Its almost like the wood soaks up the shitty taste.
  8. haha dude classic coconut bong, i first hit out of one of those with a 60 somthing year old hippie. i hope they make a comback.
    well done man + rep
    start selling them haha
  9. Bad ass. i just used a coconut bong this weekend only i used a hookah hose instead of bamboo. but while using it i was telling my bro and finance that i wanted one with a bamboo top and they had never seen one this encourages me to get some bamboo and a coconut...
  10. A hookah hose...mmmmmmmm

    My friends said I should try to sell them to, as a tobacco pipe of course. Problem is the only coconuts I can ever find are tiny as hell. I always wonder what people think of me at walmart and other grocery stores, picking up all the coconuts looking for cracks and blemishs. Hopefully I can find another good sized coconut sometime soon
  11. Coconut is my favorite "flavor". I love the way it tastes, smells, looks like. I wear coconut body spray, oils, hair sprays, shampoos and conditioners, right down to my bubble bath and body wash! I love coconut. It used to drive my BFF Julie crazy because I was always putting on coconut lipgloss and reapplying lotions or sprays...What can I say..I love cocount!

    Cool piece! +1 for rep. :D
  12. Im going to try and make one.....any basic tips or things you would have done differently?
  13. you can just use the coconut as a bubbler

    its fuckin gnarly


    jamaica stylee
  14. so grasscity messed up your order. and the bong leaked?

    then you made a better version of it yourself? this thread has potential.
  15. thats badass:eek:
    def make a tutorial :D

  16. Grasscity sent the wrong pipe, the one they sent actually is listed for more money. Didnt really care, cause I didnt wanna to have to send it back all the way to France or whatever for exchange. The bong manufacturer I guess in the spirit of mass producing made a couple of mistakes, that just would never work out for the bong to have a long life.
  17. sweet, what did you use to drill the hole into the coconut? because i'm trying to make one, buti'm afraid of shatter a hole in the coconut and making it fall apart.
  18. Google Image Result for

    Go slow cause coconut will be filying every where. Then take a knife and make deep cuts into the meat (white part) of the coconut. Put it in the fridge till it smells like lilkkah, Get a spoon and/or your hands and push scrape it out. You really dont have to worry about breaking the coconut if you maintain the overall structure. Just dont use a cracked one. For the downstem use a drill bit, but one smaller than your downstem, just get a big knife and scrape back and forth till your downstem fits and it will be a tighter fit.

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